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  1. TheBigKangaroo

    MT4 EA Alarm

    Hello Fellow Frustrated I am wondering if anyone has or knows of an EA that simply provides an alarm (just on screen will do) that I can set on a FX pair and receive an alarm if say the price varies say 10 cents, dollars,pips or whatever from the current set price. I dont want it to take any...
  2. M

    Anyone used Fapturbo?

    Anyone here had anything to do with Fapturbo?
  3. M

    EA Robots for Scalping FX MT4

    Hi all, Anyone care to comment on their experiences good or bad with EARobots For MT4. What have you used? Sounds too easy. Cheers
  4. O

    Catching Gaps for Vertex FX

    Hello, We have converted an Expert Advisor Catching Gaps for Vertex FX. Catching Gaps is a very powerfull Expert Advisor for VertexFX that catches the gaps and use it to place orders and generate profit. The EA opens a trade when there is a price gap. Gaps are usually found when new...
  5. A

    MT4 EA 101

    Thought I'd start a basic MT4 EA 101 thread. Feel free to add some comments/examples :) To create a very basic EA, we need to do the following: In MetaTrader, select Tools/MetaQuotes Language Editor to bring up the Editor used to write EA's. Then in MetaEditor, select New or File/New to...
  6. T

    Looking for someone in Sydney with forex EA experience

    Hi Im looking for someone preferably in Sydney with experience using a EA in the forex market to get a some tips on usage. Not expecting hours of help just 15 to 30 minutes. Tall ask I know but you never know someone might be keen to pass on some knowledge. Cheers Tim
  7. D

    MetaTrader EA Programmer Needed

    Hi, I have a system that I would like programmed into a EA. I have a base code complete but need some further help as I do not have this expertise. I am happy to discuss payment for time or sharing the code once complete. I am based in Brisbane, Australia and ideally would like...
  8. D

    Is Automated EA useable?

    Hi im here to find out and discuss about automated EA and i would like to hear from others that uses Ea and trade. I have used it and tested it for a while but it wasnt full time. Im still learning about the settings property. So let me know what you think
  9. C

    MetaStock Expert Advisor for VSA

    I've just been reading the VSA ebook (which I thought was very good - thanks for the link 'Timmy') - it talks about using the TradeGuider software. A number of the key indicators seem to be stuff that you could possibly code into say MetaStock such as volume highs/lows, doji's (although they...
  10. S

    Artificial Intelligence EA

    for group testing. original here: file below. V 1.1 has a take profit included in its code. other variations here: please post results. lets see if this is another EA to declared 'busted'. first go through...
  11. B

    Forex Robots - legit or scam?

    Hi There is a website featuring products that claim to have "robots" that automatically trade the forex market for you. (See screenshot) Has anyone used these type of things? Do they work? Seems logical to auto trade a back tested system but sounds too good to be true. Thanks Steve