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    IG Markets review/experiences?

    Hey all, Anyone in here use IG as there broker ? I'm thinking of creating a CFD account with them as they offer a numerous amount of instruments to trade I am using the demo account they offer. Has anyone had any experience using there live account ? Apart from the online reviews I have read I...
  2. R

    Superannuation Warehouse - Experiences?

    I am looking at setting up a SMSF and have been investigating various companies including ESuperFund which seems to be very popular. However, I have also come across this company Superannuation Warehouse They offer two services $39 p/m if you use BellDirect...
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    HotCopper - Experiences & Opinions

    Just wondering what peoples views, thoughts, experiences and thoughts are of HotCopper?? My experience is it can get very hot and nasty on some threads and can be a good place to learn self control.
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    Share your margin lending experiences?

    For a while I have been tempted with an idea of increasing my exposure to the stockmarkets by using margin lending. I think by now I do understand it enough to try it in the real life and therefore look for the most appropriate margin lending institution/product out there. As I am sure I...