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  1. MovingAverage

    Emergency Exit for Weekly System

    G'day all, Hope the markets are treating you well. Being a person to try and take something positive from a bad experience I've been reviewing how my systems performed during the COVID March sell off to see if there is anything I could do to improve my system performance for similar future...
  2. W

    Entry and exit confirmation signs

    I am new to day trading and looking to meet new like minded people who are into day trading so i can grow and learn more and this is the path i'v committed myself too learning. So i'm hoping experienced people can look at what iv been doing and correct my mistakes or make new suggestions to...
  3. J

    Amibroker help

    Hi all, Im 25, have some money put away for share trading, have about 5K so far, but working on that every month.. I have a copy of Amibroker (registered) and have been playing with it tonight, I have imported the ASX codes into the database (from a script I found on this site).. But how do...
  4. H

    U.S. Options [Entry - Reason for Entry; Exit - Reason for Exit]

    I'm still relatively new to trading options, however, I believe that I've learned a lot in the last few months. I believe that being able to articulate what you are doing, and why you are doing it, forms an integral part of learning. Anyway, these are a couple of positions I've opened on...
  5. H

    Amibroker Exit Issue

    Hi All I am learning to code in Amibroker and cant figure out why I get this error during backtesting I want to use IIf(Foreign("XAO","C") > EMA(Foreign("XAO","C"),75), Sell = C < EMA(C,50), Sell = C < EMA(C,30)); but all sell signals seem to be using the 30 day MA even when XAO is...
  6. J

    Beginner's Option Trading System

    I'm a novice equities trader and am learning options. I'm familiar with Technical Analysis and am curious about the recommended options strategies for newbies, so I bought an educational boardgame from Trading Pursuits. The strategy seems pretty ok. It recommends that all of the following...