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  1. Y

    Hedging exchange rate risk

    Hi all, I have been doing a bit of investing with Stake so that I can easily get exposure to stocks on the NASDAQ etc. With Stake, there is no brokerage fee but you have to transfer AUD to USD. I am a bit fearful of where the USD is heading and would like to try and counter any exchange rate...
  2. Muckman

    Why is PayPal's AUD/USD exchange rate still at 69c?

    So it’s been over 71c -72c for some time now almost 73c soon to the USD but PayPal is still trading at 69c What’s the go? Should I just use the Visa card for my next purchase ?
  3. luutzu

    Exchange rate and domestic share price

    Here's a riddle I've been trying to figured out. Any thoughts? Let say a company report its financials in a foreign currency - USD, for example - but are listed on an exchange with a different currency - AUD, say. It seem that when the aussie drop against the greenback, the stock reporting...
  4. E

    AUD/USD exchange rate question

    Hi Im sorry if this is in the wrong area. Im going overseas in january to study as an exchange student in the United States. Our dollar was fairly strong and still is i guess, but i wanted a rate at say 90 cents + Now it has dropped and im not sure if to wait a couple weeks to change...