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  1. Lone Wolf

    Accessing Norgate data from Excel

    I want to import price information from Norgatedata into Excel. Mainly for record keeping. I'd like to do it directly from Excel but there doesn't appear to be an option. There are three ways I can think of. Option 1: Use XLQ2 to directly access the data from Excel. XLQ2 costs $300. According...
  2. D

    Importing important ratios to Excel Checklist

    Hi, I am trying to automate stock analysis method. I seek to import financial ratios about companies into rows of my checklist items. This checklist will create a score based on the entries. Is there a service which allows you to only import specific ratios relevant to you ? Thanks.
  3. R

    Interactive Brokers TWS API - Excel download

    Hi I am trying to download ASX stock prices from Interactive Brokers TWS using a TWS API, so far without any luck. I have tried suggestions on this Forum without any luck I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks AlanH
  4. M

    Fundamental Historical Data (Excel format)

    Hi, I would be very appreciative if anyone could point me in the direction of where to source excel data for the basic histroical data for ASX listed companies from the last 5 years (balance sheet, income, cash flow, etc.). Sure, they're required by law to disclose this data in an annual PDF...
  5. S

    ASX listed company financial statements in Excel

    Hi, I've just signed up. I'm studying and have an assignment where I have to select any ASX listed company and create a spreadsheet of 5 years financial statements (Income statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows and Carbon footprint (if available)). I've searched and can't see how to do this. I've...
  6. andrewstarfish

    Data: ASX 300 Company Financials and Share Performance snapshot each year

    I would like to obtain Data Once a year snapshot of each ASX 300 company. End of Year data. For Example a spreadsheet that has 300 rows for the 300 ASX companies The columns show the Financials like PE, ROA ROE, %debt, anything that helps select stock, Dividends in that year, Start of year...
  7. S

    Detailed Stock Data to Excel

    Hi people, New here, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area or reposting something that exists (I did do a search!) Basically I'm looking at how to get detailed stock data into a spreadsheet so I can run some models and do some "paper trading". I've got OHLC data already [thx yahoo...
  8. Gringotts Bank

    Using Excel to calculate optimal position size based on cumulative profit figures

    Here's a list of numbers representing cumulative profit of a system (last number = most recent). The position size used to generate this list was a fixed $ amount. How can Excel be used to determine the optimal position size for the next trade you're thinking of taking? Assume a working...
  9. S

    Historical forex data in Excel

    Hello Does anyone know where I can get end of day historical data and download it into excel for currency pairs (eg AUS/USD, EUR/USD) and the US dollar index (DXY) I tried to find it in yahoo finance but no luck. Any help would be much appreciated I am really stuck until I have this info...
  10. F

    Fundamentals in Excel Format

    Hey ASFer's. Does anybody know how I can get every stock listed on the ASX into excel format, with columns showing basic fundamentals, ie ROE, Debt/Equity ratio? In the past I have downloaded all the companies from and then manually added the extra columns, just looking for a...
  11. A

    Portfolio Backtesting in Excel 2003

    Hi again, I've decided to start my 2nd thread and hence my 2nd GNU C++ project put forward on this forum. Again this uses Excel 2003 and another DLL. In a Nutshell, the computer programming involves taking a universal list of trades (generated elsewhere) that you could all take given...
  12. L

    Writing my own code (software) - I need an Excel guru

    I am not sure if this is a good forum to ask and I will try my best to explain what I am wanting to do without giving away too much secrecy. I need an excel guru. I am trying to mimic other columns and rows and have attached a video on what my ideas are. Of course its not really E's and O's...
  13. A

    Looking for Company data in Excel Spreadsheet

    I don't know if the question has been asked before but I am looking for a place where i can download company revenue information for the ASX in excel form. I have tried the Australian Financial Reviews tables but they do not include net earnings, predicted earnings. I am pretty new to these...
  14. A

    Converting Metastock Data to Excel 2003

    Hi, I've been working on a DLL (using the free GNU C++ (gcc) compiler and Codeblocks IDE) to read Metastock Data downloaded from a trial version of Stock Quote Data from DataHQ and are happy to upload on here for people to have a play with. Firstly, is this a forum where you can upload zip...
  15. WillyWonka

    Full ASX Excel Spreadsheet

    Hello, I am new to the stock market game and I was looking around for a spread sheet that contained all 2150 ASX listed companies with detailed updateable information. After a long internet search I was unable to find what I was looking for so I set about make my own. There is 1001 web...
  16. D

    Website with Excel spreadsheet that lists detailed ASX data?

    I was wondering if there was a site where you could download a free excel spreadsheet that lists detailed data about all the asx stocks (e.g. Aspect Earnings Model data, P/E Growth Ratio, P/S Ratio, P/B ratio etc)?
  17. D

    Importing statements to Excel - using stock codes to search

    Hi all, I thought I'd continue developing a nice excel spreadsheet, eventually allowing it to display a full portfolio of different assets, along with charts, ratio's etc amongst plenty more. Can you link up a 'feed' (don't know if that's the correct term) type service to an excel...
  18. T

    WebIRESS Excel add-in: Refreshing historical prices through VBA macro

    I'm looking for some specific assistance regarding the webiress excel add-in feature. Those familiar with the add-in would know you can import historical time series of share prices and these can be refreshed or updated by double clicking the particular cell which is set to retrieve the...
  19. D

    Financial statements in Excel format?

    Hi, Is there some easy method to import financial statements released by companies into Excel? Or a service exists which provides financial statements already in Excel format? Thanks.
  20. S

    Downloading financial statements in Excel format?

    Is it at all possible to download say BHP's Financial Statements directly in Excel format? or must I and no doubt many others hard key figures in for DCF/analysis work? Could be a market for it if it doesn't already exist, 50 c a statement?