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    Portfolio Backtesting in Excel 2003

    Hi again, I've decided to start my 2nd thread and hence my 2nd GNU C++ project put forward on this forum. Again this uses Excel 2003 and another DLL. In a Nutshell, the computer programming involves taking a universal list of trades (generated elsewhere) that you could all take given...
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    Converting Metastock Data to Excel 2003

    Hi, I've been working on a DLL (using the free GNU C++ (gcc) compiler and Codeblocks IDE) to read Metastock Data downloaded from a trial version of Stock Quote Data from DataHQ and are happy to upload on here for people to have a play with. Firstly, is this a forum where you can upload zip...
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    5-minute Swing Chart with Excel 2003

    Greetings I'm an intra-day SPI futures trader and my trading system is largely manual. I use Excel 2003 for my spreadsheet - I've given up on Excel 2007 - and hand draw a 5-minute swing chart with my own indicators. I desperately need to have my swing chart computerised and to have it pick up...