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  1. H

    Why do so many stocks go ex-dividend on 29 June?

    I made an observation which is puzzling. I noticed that many stocks went ex-dividend on 29-June. Why is this date so popular for stocks to go ex-dividend? Anyone can make a plausible guess?
  2. J

    Should I buy before, at, or after ex-dividend date?

    Hi guys. Sorry to ask yet another basic question but google is not telling me the answer. Can someone please explain the exdividend basics. Specifically, should I buy before, at, or after this date? Thanks. You guys have been really helpful so far.
  3. barraking

    Selling shares before the ex-dividend date

    Hi guys, My first post here. I was wondering if for example one is indifferent between capital gains and receiving a dividend (say assessable income <18,000), would it be a plausible idea to purchase a dividend say 2 weeks before ex-dividend date, and then sell the shares just before it hits...
  4. Z

    Ex-dividend dates reference/website

    Im trying to find a site or reference of the Ex-Dividend dates of all the companies that offer dividends on the ASX. The best I seem to be able to find is a list of Dividends coming up in the next month and even then it seems to not have all of them. Is there a resource somewhere? Also if...
  5. M

    Ex-dividend date: any good buy/sell strategy?

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie. Just reading and learning for the moment. Is there are good strategies for buying shares just before ex-dividend date? E.g. - which share to buy? - when to buy? - when to sell? - is this a tax efficient approach? Thank you all.
  6. I

    Ex-dividend questions

    when do we get paid the dividend? Is it on the start of the ex-dividend date, or at the close?? Also, is it on the ex-dividend date that the stock price will usually drop, or the day after that???