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ex-dividend date

  1. E

    Ex-dividend date

    For CBA it says “most recent ex-dividend date was 19-02-2020.“ Does that mean if I buy it now I won’t get the dividend until next year?
  2. J

    Should I buy before, at, or after ex-dividend date?

    Hi guys. Sorry to ask yet another basic question but google is not telling me the answer. Can someone please explain the exdividend basics. Specifically, should I buy before, at, or after this date? Thanks. You guys have been really helpful so far.
  3. pavilion103

    Ex-dividend date and impact on stock price

    I haven't spent a lot of time reading up on dividends and the impact on stock price. The reason that I ask is because in one of my subscriptions "The Chartist" they have moved their trailing stops a few times in recent weeks due to ex-dividend date. I am very ignorant when it comes to this...
  4. M

    Question about ex-div date and record date

    Hi,got a couple of question. If a share ex-div date was 1/4 and record date 7/4.. If i brought 1st lot of shares on the 1/4,would i still get div (settle 4/4).what if i sold it on the 2/4 (settle 7/4). what if i brought 2nd lot of shares on the 2/4 and settle 7/4? just a bit confused...
  5. I

    Ex-dividend questions

    when do we get paid the dividend? Is it on the start of the ex-dividend date, or at the close?? Also, is it on the ex-dividend date that the stock price will usually drop, or the day after that???