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ex-dividend date

  1. Frankieplus

    Buying VAS and VDHG on ex-dividend date

    Hi everyone. I have been waiting for VAS and VDHG to drop a bit in price so I can 'buy the dip' but I'm curious if 'buying the dip' on ex dividend date is the same strategy. The share price of VDHG and VAS will drop tomorrow by the amount of dividend payed out. This I understand. But I'm...
  2. X

    Ex-dividend date payment

    I can see for AGL the Ex dividend date was 24 Feb 2021 & Payment Date was 26 Mar 2021. When will they pay the 2nd payment of dividend & will there be a new Ex Dividend Date for the 2nd lot of dividend payment.
  3. X

    Ex-dividend date

    For CBA it says “most recent ex-dividend date was 19-02-2020.“ Does that mean if I buy it now I won’t get the dividend until next year?
  4. J

    Should I buy before, at, or after ex-dividend date?

    Hi guys. Sorry to ask yet another basic question but google is not telling me the answer. Can someone please explain the exdividend basics. Specifically, should I buy before, at, or after this date? Thanks. You guys have been really helpful so far.
  5. pavilion103

    Ex-dividend date and impact on stock price

    I haven't spent a lot of time reading up on dividends and the impact on stock price. The reason that I ask is because in one of my subscriptions "The Chartist" they have moved their trailing stops a few times in recent weeks due to ex-dividend date. I am very ignorant when it comes to this...
  6. M

    Question about ex-div date and record date

    Hi,got a couple of question. If a share ex-div date was 1/4 and record date 7/4.. If i brought 1st lot of shares on the 1/4,would i still get div (settle 4/4).what if i sold it on the 2/4 (settle 7/4). what if i brought 2nd lot of shares on the 2/4 and settle 7/4? just a bit confused...
  7. I

    Ex-dividend questions

    when do we get paid the dividend? Is it on the start of the ex-dividend date, or at the close?? Also, is it on the ex-dividend date that the stock price will usually drop, or the day after that???