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  1. jmbonni

    TheMoreTime - 2 Days forecast Forex with A.I.

    Hello, TheMoreTime is coming back the new forecasts. 2 market days ahead! EUR/USD GBP/USD AUD/USD NZD/USD USD/CAD USD/CHF USD/JPY and DJIA (1 day forecast)
  2. B

    An Experiment: can crowds predict market movements?

    Hi, I'm Brian Eastlake, new to the forums. I was talking with a friend of mine a few weeks ago about trading. He doesn’t think that future price action can be assigned a probability based upon past price action. ie, he doesn’t believe in technical analysis whatsoever, and is somewhat...
  3. Ivan Urupa

    "Forex Levels" - Daily EURUSD and GBPUSD forecast

    Hi all! In this topic, every day, before the opening of the European session I'll publish trading recommendations on two major currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. Analysis and forecasting of currency market is on the system "Forex Levels" which are based on a pair of moving averages, support...
  4. SeM0s


    EUR/USD This week we have two likely opposite scenarios in this pair. Favored Count The image presented below points towards the end of the downwards blood bath and resumption of the bullish trend. According to this assessment it seems that the move ending at May 09, 2011 (low -1.4255)...
  5. EvilJerrad

    What's wrong with EURUSD?

    EURUSD: the most liquid 'product' on the whole world EURUSD is the world's most popular and most heavily traded currency pair. Also, we can say that this is the most liquid 'product' all over the world. People sell and buy much more EURUSD than any other product including bread. Of the...