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  1. noirua

    Eurovision Song Contest 2022 At the ceremony, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, representing last year’s Host City, passed on the Eurovision Insignia to the Mayor of Turin, Italy Stefano Lo Russo, marking the official handing over...
  2. noirua

    Eurovision 2018

    Why are Australia in Eurovision? This year, Australia are, naturally, making their return. Jessica Mauboy, who rose to fame after becoming a runner-up in Australian Idol in 2006, will be representing the country...
  3. Logique

    Eurovision 2015

    Sam and Julia-Vision 2015. They're the annoying people in the cinema who talk all through the movie. You'd think they'd invented Eurovision. SBS, any chance of those two shutting-the-hell-up.
  4. R

    Eurovision 2010

    hello, next week brothers, SBS doing preview now so get ready for next weekend stock up on the disco biscuits johnny logan thankyou robots
  5. R

    Eurovision 2009

    hello, its going to be a special weekend coming up Eurovision 09 kicks off on SBS this friday, on again Saturday with ABBA movie on after and then the big one on Sunday night, always great fun viewing cant believe Terry isnt there, i hope the new hosts keep the spirit alive...
  6. R

    Eurovision 2008

    hello, cant wait the weekend of 23-25th May with euorvision MEGA weekend on SBS, abba shows, the real contest, other films massive in Serbia this year and is life long ambition for partner and I to one day go to this event, anybody been? thankyou robots