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  1. TheScientist

    Unhedged EURO Physical Silver ETF?

    Hi All, I would like to buy a physical backed Silver ETF with Euro as base currency (unhedged). Any suggestions? I use IB
  2. CanOz

    Euro Bund - FGBL Analysis

    Just realised there was no thread for the Bund. You can see the Bund has been trading in a large bracket since June 2016, Brexit. Today's much anticipated announcement on UK GDP is pretty relevant. :2twocents We could finally see this bracket fail, or have a stellar short covering...
  3. P

    They use the Euro in Ireland, why would they do that?

    Funny, but too think these are the guys who are so called investment and market experts????
  4. M

    The Economy And Government Finances

    Having followed ever increasing debt being issued by the Government, it is probably fair to say that the Government finances appear to be improving. As previously noted, the RBA released Federal taxation figures on the 31st October 2011. Individual, company, and superannuation tax collection is...
  5. A

    Italy default/exiting Euro?

    With bond yields soaring since Oct 2010, Italy seems to be on a one way trip.... ...or can the Euronuts save them from themselves with an additional Italian-flavoured tsunami of bits of pretty printed paper some call "money"? ... or is...
  6. grandia3

    Greece default/exiting Euro?

    Greetings fellow investors/traders, It looks like the euro leaders are having trouble finding the solution for Greece and it seems that default is inevitable, continuous help/fund pouring into Greece is only delaying its default It seems that the final devastating option for Greece to exit the...