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  1. P

    EUR/SGD Analysis

    EUR/SGD during the recent weeks could descend without reformation and record the Bottom price of 1.68596. Price during the downfall with reaching to the supportive level of Down channel and Up trendline has stopped from more descend and has formed a bottom price in the level of 1.68596.According...
  2. P

    EUR/NZD Analysis

    EUR/NZD in recent weeks has been in a strong and consistent trend in the price movements which Sellers have been successful in reaching to the lowest price of 1.57654. Currently the mentioned price level is fixed as a bottom price, and it is the most important Support level in front of the...
  3. O

    EUR/AUD Discussion

    Anyone who went long on the 8th of August is laughing... 700 pips, I've stayed out til now :o Reckon we'll get to the 61.8 fib? if so whats your predictions from there, up or reversal? Daily RSI is at the highest it's been since march 2011 :eek: Can a mod please delete the below...
  4. SeM0s


    EUR/USD This week we have two likely opposite scenarios in this pair. Favored Count The image presented below points towards the end of the downwards blood bath and resumption of the bullish trend. According to this assessment it seems that the move ending at May 09, 2011 (low -1.4255)...
  5. F


    Seems an interesting market,does anyone on here follow it .? Also looking at the EURNZD has some good volatility with most weeks having a range of 350 pips +
  6. System

    EUR - European Lithium

    Paynes Find Gold, based in Perth, is focused on the definition and development of gold deposits at the historic Payne's Find discovery in Western Australia.
  7. J

    Any brokers dealing with CNY/EUR pair?

    Hi all! I'm hunting for a broker that deals with the Chinese Yuan/Remnibi as well as the Euro. The few companies I've contacted so far aren't trading CNY. Cheers, Jordan
  8. EvilJerrad

    What's wrong with EURUSD?

    EURUSD: the most liquid 'product' on the whole world EURUSD is the world's most popular and most heavily traded currency pair. Also, we can say that this is the most liquid 'product' all over the world. People sell and buy much more EURUSD than any other product including bread. Of the...
  9. I


    long 1.53 stop 1.5250 tp open
  10. Investor123

    EUR/GBP range trading maintains

    EURGBP has been trading in a range for 4 months. Resistance level is at 0.8105 and support is at 0.7796. Fundamentally both Europe and UK economies are weak, and both economies are likely to cut interest rate over the next few months. I believe this range trading will maintain. Currently...
  11. Kauri


    looking like she might like another drop, or 5..??? Cheers .........Kauri
  12. Bushman

    IIQ - INOVIQ Ltd

    Hi guys; An update on a intrguing gold little shell company that might have something on the cards in the near future. Euro Gold: 319,679,494 shares @ 2.1c = market cap $6.7m. Top 10 shareholders hold 51% inc: 1. Oxus (Malta) 14% 2. Peter Gunzberg (Chairman) 9%; and 3. Alpha...
  13. Kauri


    Looks to be interesting for a possible short.... Cheers .........Kauri
  14. N

    GBP, HKD, JPY, USD or EUR?

    Couldnt find a good title for the thread, but basically taking a long term view, which currency has the best outlook against AUD? Im guessing not the Greenback, but which is the pick from the others? And no -its NOT coz i wanna trade currencies with a buy and hold approach Buffet styles...