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    Selling US shares on ETrade and money back to Australia

    Hi Apologies for the long description. I'm looking to sell my company shares (awarded as yearly bonus). The company is US based hence the shares are on Whats the best way to sell these shares and transfer the proceeds back to Australia? (So that i can have this more readily...
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    eTrade Pro for international options?

    Hi, First time poster, bit of a lurker. I'm currently using nabtrade But i'm limited on what i can trade. I'm currently wanting to trade international options, (nasdaq, nyse ect.) A friend who lives in the US uses eTrade pro. He's recommended it to me, But i'm not sure if there's any...
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    I have an Etrade account but want to trade NYSE

    I have an etrade account but want to buy some NYSE shares, I know about etrade global shares but its $59 per trade which seems steep. What is the best way forward for me? Thanks.
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    Etrade brokerage seems a bit steep

    I am new to stock trading so excuse me ignorance. I was planning to place a buy order on 200 shares of Apple stock. The current asking price is about $US100. I was surprised to see the Estimated Brokerage incl. local charges, GST & FX buffer comes to $597.86. Is this normal. I was expecting...
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    Moving back to Australia - Can I still use my US Etrade account?

    Hello, I've been living in the USA for over a decade now, and have a US ETrade account. ( I also have an Etrade Australia account, but that's not relevant to my question ). I have seen some stories about it being a legal requirement for Australians to use Australian brokerages, so my...
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    Etrade trading password

    Hi everyone, I am very new to this, I have just signed up through ANZ etrade, went through the process, did my log in password. Now when I log in, I need a Trading Password, It says I should have got that in my welcome letter. Can I ask, does my welcome letter come via email or does it...
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    eTrade charges $500 brokerage for buying $20,000 of shares on NASDAQ?!

    I opened global trade account with etrade recently, on their Rates & Fees page, the rate isn't too bad: But when I place a order on their website, they charge me $500 for $20,000 investing. Does anyone have same experience...
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    Etrade not offering W-8BEN Form - How to minimise US Withholding Tax?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and looking for advice to do with minimising US withholding tax on US shares I plan on selling through my Etrade Australia account. It turns out Etrade Australia don't offer the W-8BEN form anymore, for reasons I'm not quite sure and this means that if I decide...
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    Best share broker besides Commsec and eTrade?

    As the title says.........looking for a pure share broker and prefer in Australia. I have an IB account but would like something closer to aus and no etrade or commsec. cheers
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    I want to start trading US markets, but eTrade rates are too high

    high for the amount im trading. Who uses what to execute their trades? Im going to start swing trades, want to do day trades, but because of the time difference it cant be done i dont think. So have to do 2/3 day trades instead. Only have a small start of $1000. I have the advisor im going to...
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    International shares, W-8BEN and Etrade

    hi everyone im new here and wasnt sure if i should post this here or in the international thread but i have a question. early this year i decided to buy 3 lots of AAPL shares on the NASDAQ via ANZ etrade, i have now learnt that i should fill out a W-8BEN because i will get taxted at a higher...
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    Short selling on eTrade?

    Hi, Was just wondering how do u do a 'short sale' on E Trade? Its looks like they have banned all non-long sales and if you want to short a stock you have to do it via transferring some money to a linked MFS CFD a/c. Anyone done this? Wanted to know before i made the transfer.
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    Power Etrade do you close a short sell position?

    I'm using Power Etrade and just short sell one of the stocks and wanna close the I just place a normal buy order? Say I short sell stock ABC for 1600 shares...and then just place a buy order for 1600 shares using Power Etrade again? Thanks. Yes, I'm a newbie :p:
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    QuoteTracker not working with eTrade

    i cant get quotetracker to work with etrade when i make it do a web login it goes to but my etrade login doesnt work there it only works if i login at according to etrade homepage this is the new website so...
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    ANZ to takeover Etrade

    Just saw the announcement this am - offering $4.05 - I wonder what this means for Etrade service?
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    E-Trade vs. Commsec

    which do you prefer and why? i have a commsec account and was wondering if it's worth opening an e-trade one. does e-trade have better features? cheers 240