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    Trading shares or exchange traded options? Which is better?

    Hey guys, I was having a long hard think today (well, tonight to be more precise) about what would be more profitable... To trade shares outright and pay 0.07% brokerage, or trading options on ASX listed companies and paying 0.28% brokerage? I was trying to put some numbers into a spreadsheet...
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    Question regarding Exchange Traded Options

    I am currently looking for a new online broker, Etrade costs far to much. When I have been comparing the brokers one of the things I don't quite understand is with regard to Exchange Traded Options. When they say Options are not included, does that mean I cannot create my own options? I...
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    How do ETOs work?

    Hi, I've traded warrants with some success and thought I'd try ETO's but I'm having problems with liquidity. For instance I would like to buy an NCM June 08 2589 option. It is listed but there are no buyers or sellers. I could buy an NCM June 08 2600 warrant for about $10 at the moment...