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  1. Ann

    Big Pharma and Ethics = Oxymoron

    Sackler Scion’s Email Reveals Push for High-Dose OxyContin, New Lawsuit Disclosures Claim A member of the Sackler family that owns OxyContin’s maker directed the company to put a premium on selling high dosages of its potentially addicting painkillers, according to new disclosures in a lawsuit...
  2. ducati916

    Natural Law or, Ethics for the Atheist

    Somewhat of a follow on from Religion, Science thread. 'Jus Naturale' The natural law, or law of nature, law or legal principles, supposed to be discoverable by the light of nature or abstract reasoning, or to be taught by nature to all nations and men alike, or law supposed to govern men and...
  3. SirRumpole

    Animal rights and ethical food production

    Animal rights activists protest against egg farmers. Do they have a valid point or are they just Leftist/Marxist troublemakers ? If we knew more about how animals were treated in producing food, would it change our eating habits ...
  4. L

    IG Markets Questionable Ethics

    Who is IG IG is a market maker for Contract For Differences on shares, Forex and world stock market indexes. Trading with IG IG Markets has dealt the trades executed by their clients in two manners: Manual and Automatic dealing. In both manners, IG breaches the MAS administered laws. Further...
  5. piggybank

    Who Said People In High Places Should Have Morals & Ethics?

    Hi, When will these corrupt people be made accountable and be severely punished for the Laws, Acts, Etc they broke or are the judges just inept and don't (cannot) relate to real people in the REAL World. Earlier this week I watched a replay of a 4 Corners episode entitled “In the Name of the...
  6. O

    Australian Ethical Investments

    I have some cash savings that I am looking to invest for the first time and I have my eye on Australian Ethical Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the performance of their managed funds? I do like the idea of ethical investment but I also want to...
  7. S

    Ethical investment industry and ethical investments?

    Hi, would anyone know the difference between ethical investment industry and ethical investments? Thanks.