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  1. Ann


    Here are some REITs available both Australian and international as an ETF. MVA REIT SLF VAP...
  2. wayneL

    High yield ETFs

    I occasionally run a dividend yield scan via There are a few ETFs there that have quite impressive yields... Clealry the charts not those that you will trade on momentum. ...but as we are approaching the widow's, orphans, and old farts...
  3. Eject!

    Why are the only ETFs on ASX oil and metals?

    What are my options if I want to get broad exposure to commodities like energy, livestock, and grains? The only commodity ETPs on the ASX are metals and oil. And on a related note, what are the best...
  4. Eject!

    Why are the only commodity ETPs on ASX metals and oil?

    What are my options if I want to get broad exposure to commodities like energy, livestock, and grains? The only commodity ETPs on the ASX are metals and oil. And on a related note, what are the best...
  5. D

    Tax on offshore ETFs - Loophole?

    Hello, i've been digging a bit deeper into the tax treatment of ETFs and wanted to get some additional thoughts on this topic. The availability of ETFs on the ASX has improved a lot over time and costs have been getting more comparable to offshore (e.g. with the 'ishares Core' range). Still...
  6. derangedlawyer

    Australian real estate ETFs; which one is better, VAP or RENT?

  7. D

    Why don't ETFs adjust their prices when the ASX200 is down?

    Hi, I am trying to buy trade ETFs from past 2 weeks, but even though shares of Asx 200 are prices are down, ETFs not adjusting their prices accordingly. I kind of got a feeling their market prices are not true but made up numbers. And there are not enough etfs with very low volume. The most I...
  8. R

    Reverse ETFs, what's the deal?

    Probably a little late to have this discussion. :) Never thought about going short but with the current environment it's certainly food for thought. Reverse ETFs seem to be an easier and less risky way to go short on the index. Anyone using these ETFs, what are the pitfalls.
  9. qprjames

    Exposure to overseas markets with ETFs via the ASX

    Hi there, So i'm 38 years old. I have about 400k of personal money just in ETF's which follow the ASX - STW and VAS to be specific. As that is all concentrated in the aussie market, i wanted to get some exposure to international markets. I basically want to put money in and set and forget for...
  10. D

    US ETFs?

    Hi, just a question of investing in US etf's from the aust ASX. After buy and sell, what happens at tax time? Do you have to fill out forms for tax separate to give to the US? or does your accountant do all that.
  11. S

    Thoughts on these Emerging Market/Asia ETFs

    I cant seem to decisively choose between VAE / UBP / ASIA etfs. I've done a decent amount of research into all of the different holdings , % allocation , fees , etc. VAE: VAE's returns may not be that great (historically speaking) when compared to UBP and ASIA and the over diversification of...
  12. S

    Asian Market ETFs

    Question regarding VAE ( Asia Ex Jap etf ) and UBP (Asia MSCI APEX 50 ETF) I know VAE is much more diversified with over 800 companies while UBP is the highly weighted in the top 50 companies. A concern I am worried with is UBP's low volume (900 since last closed ) would this etf eventually...
  13. JuniorR

    Your opinion on Marijuana stocks & ETFs

    Hello ASF, I decided to sign up after researching about australian stocks the last few days. I have a lot to learn before I begin to invest and I am rather interested in this field after googling the last few days. I was wondering what your thoughts and opinions are on investing in Marijuana...
  14. greggles

    Undervalued ETFs

    There's so many ETFs out there these days, it's hard to keep track of them all. I'm thinking of parking some funds in an ETF that I hope will see better capital growth than term deposits or high interest savings accounts. Does anyone have any suggestions for ETFs that are currently undervalued...
  15. Smalltimeguy

    Student non-trader, ASX and Asia20 ETFs flat over recent months

    Hi, I've been lurking for a while and slowly building my knowledge, also with grimes youtube videos. As a student I'm of course looking for long term investments, I initially got started with Acorns as there there was no brokering fees. Have just over $1000 mostly in ASX200 ETF and about $500 in...
  16. Smalltimeguy

    Dividend yield separate from regular gain?

    Hi, Still researching what ETF's would be a good investment to start with, I'm starting small (<$10k) so I like the appeal of dividends helping you increase your investment. BetaShare's YMAX ETF distribution yield as 9.2% (is there a difference in gross distribution yield?) It also says it's...
  17. R

    Opinion on Intelligent Investor Growth and Income Portfolio and ETFs?

    Hey guys wanted to get your opinion if you have tried the growth or income portfolio on the IntelligentInvestor website, I have considered buying it but I felt like the expense ratio was too high, though it does offer a 15% return before taxes and that. Also if you are a growth investor do you...
  18. D

    Non-resident Tax on International Market ETFs?

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with non-resident tax liable on International Funds or ETFs that are listed on the ASX? If it is listed on the ASX is it automatically classed as Australian Sourced Income? I work as a expat, so have been non-resident for tax purposes for several...
  19. S

    ETFs vs. deposit interest

    Hi, I'm 25. My portfolio is 80% stocks, 20% cash, + 6 months living expenses. Within the 80% stocks I have 75% MSCI World and want to invest the other 25% in EM. When I finished work last year I invested 30k in euro between MSCI World and EM with a european broker. I then moved to...
  20. J

    Cheapest Broker for ETFs

    Hi guys, I was wondering what would be the cheapest broker to buy and maintain ETFs long term. My goal is to put relatively small amounts on a semi regular basis, perhaps about 5 to 10k every 6 months into an all market equity ETF and a short to medium term bond ETF. Suggestions and...