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  1. R

    How to buy stocks/ETFs on BATS exchange

    Hi everyone I'm looking to buy the below two ETFs which are listed on the BATS exchange but I can't work out which online brokerage house will allow me to do this. ARK Genomic Revolution ETF - BATS:ARKG - 3D Printing ETF - BATS: PRNT -...
  2. over9k

    Leveraged ASX-listed ETFs

    Yes I've searched. There doesn't seem to be a specific thread for leveraged asx listed, just regular index funds etc. I'm just interested to hear what everyone are in and why. I currently have GEAR and that's all.
  3. J

    ARKG ETF and Tesla

    I'm hesitant about withdrawing my life savings from a mutual fund that has a long track record of returning reliable gains and putting it all into ARKG ETF (that I'm currently adding to) and Tesla. I strongly believe that the ETF and Stock will drastically out perform my current mutual fund but...
  4. J

    What time of the day to buy ETFs for the lowest price?

    I guess this question could apply to individual stocks, though would there be more volatility? Given that an ETF on average gains $1 every day, when is the best time in the day to buy the ETF for the lowest price, if you are buying weekly and holding long term? 1. I'm likely to say within...
  5. frugal.rock

    Tech, AI, Robotics & 5G Stock Exposure via ETF

    Happened across a couple of ETF's seemingly not mentioned on ASF before. I don't know anything about them except Selfwealth has mentioned one of them. RBTZ...
  6. K

    Currency risk (US listed ETF denominated in $USD vs. US ETF denominated in $AUD)

    Hi there First time poster here with a question (maybe silly) that's been in my mind for a while. For an Australian investor wanting to obtain currency diversification in their portfolio, what are the differences between holding a US listed ETF (denominated in $USD) vs. a US ETF (denominated...
  7. quanttraderx

    Weekly Breakout Strategy For QQQ ETF

    A simple breakout system to trade the QQQ ETF that uses only one indicator. Trade Plan: Instruments – QQQ. Trading style – Long momentum. Time-frame – Weekly. Entry – Simple breakout. Exits – Initial stop loss and trailing stop. Trading Rules: Legend: DCUp := Donchian Channels upper band...
  8. Dona Ferentes

    MOAT - VanEck Vectors Wide Moat ETF

    a commentator on ASX listed MOAT: This exchange-traded fund (ETF) is not an index fund like the iShares Core S&P/ASX 200 ETF (ASX: IOZ). Rather, it only invests in a select group of US companies that have characteristics that indicate the presence of a wide moat. A moat is a concept popularised...
  9. Dona Ferentes

    ATEC - BetaShares S&P/ASX Australian Technology ETF

    The BetaShares S&P/ASX All Technology Index ETF had an inauspicious beginning. It began trading in the first week of March amid the first rumblings that there could be a coronavirus shutdown in Australia. The index plunged 34 per cent as investors panicked in the face of uncertainty about how...
  10. TheScientist

    Unhedged EURO Physical Silver ETF?

    Hi All, I would like to buy a physical backed Silver ETF with Euro as base currency (unhedged). Any suggestions? I use IB
  11. D

    Why don't ETFs adjust their prices when the ASX200 is down?

    Hi, I am trying to buy trade ETFs from past 2 weeks, but even though shares of Asx 200 are prices are down, ETFs not adjusting their prices accordingly. I kind of got a feeling their market prices are not true but made up numbers. And there are not enough etfs with very low volume. The most I...
  12. F

    ETF fee for holdings above 50k

    There seems to be an additional fee to most ETFs not reflected in the management fee. Which is in addition to the per year management fee of the whole balance. For example i think for VAS there is a $150 fee for holdings for every 50k you hold. in addition to the 0.10% fee per year on the...
  13. frugal.rock

    FUEL - BetaShares Global Energy Companies ETF - Currency Hedged

    About BetaShares is a leading manager of ETFs and other Funds that are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’). Our aim is to provide intelligent investment solutions, which help Australian investors meet their financial objectives. Investment Objective The Fund aims to track the...
  14. peter2

    OOO - Betashares Crude Oil Index ETF - Currency Hedged (Synthetic)

    Provides investors with a simple way to take a view on oil prices. Aims to track the performance of an index (before fees and expenses), that provides exposure to crude oil futures, with a currency hedge against movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate.
  15. A

    Seeking a bit of guidance

    Hi all, First time posting. I am looking for a bit of advice regarding what would be the best move regarding my holdings. I want to concentrate on investing for future financial freedom. I'm 36 years old Car is paid off, no credit cards or personal loans. Just got married and the wife also...
  16. Frankieplus

    LICs & ETFs that can't beat the index: Any point?

    Hi again, Sorry for all the posts.. I've been reading the barefoot investor and the author seems to like LICs.. He mentioned AFIC as one of his suggestions. So I looked up AFIC and compared it to the Index and saw how the Index is beating this LIC, So I have a question. Is there any logic in...
  17. H

    Sectors only ETF portfolio - Critical questions to me

    Hello, I'm thinking of allocating 80% of my portfolio as sector ETFs (mainly Healthcare ETF, Technology ETF, Property ETF, and Infrastructure ETF) - I might add Utilities ETF. Since I'm not that experienced in stock market, I would rather go for ETF. The reason why I'm having that 80% in...
  18. H

    Taxation for US ETF, ASX Global ETF, and Australian ETF

    Hi, since I'm new to investment in stocks/ETFs, I keep reading many posts around how ETFs and stocks are being taxed. However, for a reason, I got confused, especially with the difference between taxation of Australian ETF, US ETF (i.e. traded via Stake app), or Global ETF i.e. Vanguard Global...
  19. S

    ETF Portfolio allocation

    Hi All Im Looking at investing in ETF's. I have been with colonial first state for almost 20 years but due to the fees I am looking to switch to something with a lower MER. I was originally going to go with the Barefoot Investor's Idiot Grandson portfolio (VAS/VEU/VTS) but I don’t like the idea...
  20. Frankieplus

    Which Gold ETF/Stock?

    Since it's on the way up I want to buy into gold, but not sure which ETF or Stock I should consider. Does it even matter which ETF or stock I buy so long as it's gold? Gold is Gold right? Or wrong? I was thinking "SPDR GOLD TRUST GOLD SHARES" on the NYSE, would this do? Or is there another...