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  1. D

    Need Esuperfund alternative

    Apologies for first post being a rant. Wont bore you with the details other then they are impossible to deal with. Is there an esuperfund SMSF alternative? One with a little customer service, not asking for much I promise! Similar products, AU sharemarket, access to international share...
  2. jersey10

    SMSF eSuperfund

    to run your own SMSF you generally require a fairly large amount of money in super to make the fees worthwhile. I don't have this. What i do have i would like to manage myself and i think i can using the esuperfund. Does anyone have any experience with this and is it any good...
  3. A

    Esuperfund SMSF brokers

    Any one using a SMSF Administrator who does not charge extra for more than 15 transactions and is reasonable priced Have changed to Esuperfunds but you can only use Etrade and Commsec to trade, since IB Brokers have hit the market would like to use them as my preferred broker, need a few more...