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  1. Dominover

    Day Trading Options in Australia?

    I have some specific questions about day trading Option contracts on Australian companies. Wondering if anyone could answer the questions below. Does anyone actually buy and sell options to profit from the change in Option premium value (in and out in 1 day) ? If the option was bought 'in the...
  2. T

    Puzzling ASX data for options on individual Australian equities

    Hi all, I was recently looking over historical data (intraday) for options on individual australian equities, e.g. call and put options on BHP e.t.c., that are listed on the ASX. The data source is Thomson Reuters Tick History (I'm an academic so I can get access to this data through SIRCA)...
  3. A

    Debt/Equity Levels

    Hi guys, Just trying to learn how a company has low debt? Is the debt/equity a good indicator? Just trying to work out the best way to know much debt they have compared to their assets/revenue. Thanks in advance for any advise.
  4. sptrawler

    Middle class parents apparently, should choose public schools to improve equity

    I thought this was a real example of a failed system, crying for help. We were fortunate enough to have bought a house in a new suburb, our sons were in the first intake to the public high school. Our daughter was...
  5. D

    Amibroker: Problem simulating a portfolio of strategies

    Dear All, I am trying to simulate a portfolio of strategies in Amibroker. I have 4 strategies, which I run and then save their EQUITY curves by using the following code at the end of each script SetCustomBacktestProc(""); if( Status("action") == actionPortfolio ) { bo =...
  6. B

    Debt/Equity Ratio

    Hi all this is my first post. Im currently looking at a company, Billabong. I have used all my metrics and i stumbled across Total Debt/Equity on the Balance sheet in the stats of this website It says 61.74. For me that's a problem as I Dont like...