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  1. Frankieplus

    Negative interest rates effect on equities

    Hello everyone, I've been reading about Trumps push for negative interest rates so I started to research this. I came across conflicting views all a bit too hard for me to understand. So I thought I'd ask in here in case someone knows the answer. If by some chance, Australia goes into...
  2. T

    World Market open times - forex and equities

    If you have been struggling like me to get a grip on the world market open times, you might want to look at these 2 sites . Bloody brilliant I reckon. My Brokers server is +2 hours GMT then you have forex and equity markets in the same cities opening at different times, throw in daylight...
  3. VSntchr

    FTSE Equity Trading

    Starting a thread to see if there is much interest on the forum for postings regarding LSE listed equities. This first post will detail some of the initial research I have done to see what is available in the way of tools/platforms. Brokers Fortunately the UK is a CFD friendly market...
  4. D

    Why do equities like Quantitative easing?

    Pretty much what the title says. Ive been some commentaries of financial anaysts and they have been saying that the equities market has been driven by QE. Why is this? I understand the process and its effects on the exchange rate but why does it drive the equities market? cheers
  5. S

    Central Banks to begin buying equities Obviously this has pretty significant repercussions for the stock markets affected. I wonder if that is one reason why the SPX500 has been outperforming our SPI.