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  1. Joe Blow

    EPY - Earlypay Ltd

    CGR is a franchised business operating in the recruitment industry. CGR has 92 franchisees with over 123 locations across Australia. The Company has national preferred supplier agreements with large commercial and government clients and earns its revenue through franchise fees, recruitment fees...
  2. D

    Cross trade today with EPY for $1.7m

    hi, can somebody explain under what circumstances or how does the cross trade work, my stock EPY has undergone some interest, largest ever volume.. someone has gone impatient as the liquidty is low so does a cross trade mean some body has negotiated with the company or what? why isn't it...
  3. D

    EPY - ePay Asia

    Hi, I'm curious, I've being following this company formely skynetglobal of which it is no more,its into pre paid top ups for mobile phones,it provides the systems and so forth.. anyway, in four countries, they have what i would have considered some very decent numbers coming through the...