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  1. U

    Quarterly and Annual EPS scanner or CANSLIM scanner for ASX

    Hello all any chance you know of a stock scanner for ASX that allows comparing recent quarterly EPS with older ones (5 past quarters or so) of the similar quarters (e.g. 1st quarter with earlier 1st quarters)? and annual EPS with older ones as well? or would you know any CAN SLIM scanner for...
  2. Dominover

    EPS, Dividends, Historical Share Price data?

    I'm looking for some pretty basic historical data on Australian ASX companies. Specifically historical share price data, dividends, and hopefully even PE ratios or EPS figures. Is there any service provider who will provide this kind of thing on a CD or for download? I can easily get share...
  3. Dominover

    EPS in Australian Financial Review Share Tables?

    This is a rather menial question but I though there may be some logic behind it. Can anyone tell me why the Earnings Per Share figures shown in the Australian Financial Review share tables is based on Gross Profit while individual companies report EPS based on Net Profit? I would have though...
  4. TPI

    1 Year Forecast Normalised EPS Figures

    Hi, Most broker websites have 1 year forecast EPS figures, is this usually a normalised figure (ie. adjusted for abnormal profits/losses and changes in reserves)? If not, how do I find/work out a normalised forecast EPS figure? Thanks.
  5. J

    Earnings per share (ASX:CCL); what does the number mean?

    Hi all, I'm looking into the CCL stock, since it seems to be heading down to levels that would make it an interesting buy for the long term. Whilst looking at data, I noticed a reported Earnings per Share (EPS) of 0.56. What does this number mean? Is this 2012? The 2013 forecast? What does...
  6. A

    EPS vs. time plots

    Hi, I'm new to investing in shares and I'm looking for some charting websites that offer more than just share price vs time plots. Initially I'd like to see some plots of eps vs time, overlaid with share prices. Are there any website that provide this sort of data? Regards, Adam
  7. J

    EPS and Book Value Data

    Hello, is there anywhere I can find historical EPS say going back 10 years on Australian or US equities? Regardsing bookvalue, who is it calculated and is there anywhere that gives me current and historical book values?
  8. T

    EPS - Epsilon Energy

    :) Hi folks, EPS ..... looking ahead, with some simple astrostuff: 17072007 ... 2 positive cycles ... finance-related ??? 25072007 ... negative spotlight on EPS 03-06082007 ... 2 cycle here ... negative news expected...