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  1. K

    Are there any basic OHLC data providers CSV format?

    I've been looking around the web for a data provider for ASX that provides EOD data for all stocks (or even just the liquid stocks) with the following basic information - stock symbol, date, OHLC, volume. Years ago when I was trading using Metastock, I seem to recall I could get this information...
  2. C

    Incomplete EOD data - Does it matter?

    Richard Dale from Premium Data recently gave a response to my enquires about Chi-X data availability for End Of Day data. He asked the question does it matter? A thread for peoples view on that question.
  3. Gringotts Bank

    Last Friday's ASX EOD data

    Anyone got Friday's ASX data please? My broker has the 18th and 19th as identical files.
  4. J

    Commsec and ASX EOD trading questions

    Hi All, about to make the jump to real trading :) I have a couple of newbie questions first... I was planning on doing my research and placing my orders and stop losses nightly. I was poking around on the commsec platform and noticed a few things I am not sure how to deal with: 1. If I...
  5. A

    EOD Portfolio BackTesting Take II with the Full Monty

    Okay, thought I'd start again on Portfolio Backtesting and create a new thread. This is a tough thread to explain because of the Nightmare programming involved. So lets get to the good stuff first. Assuming you have created your list of trades from any number of software packages (e.g...
  6. T

    EOD, EOW and statistical significance

    I'm thinking about the two kind of strategies a) mean reversion b) trend following for stocks and ETFs on the EOD or EOW timeframe. On the one hand for the mean reversion the edge is often small and disappears after costs. On the other hand trend following on the EOD and EOW...
  7. A

    World's First Metatrader 4 ASX EOD Stock Market Scanner/Screener/Filter

    Thats right folks, you heard it. Exclusive only to Aussie Stock Forum Members. You will of not seen this anywhere else in the world. Here (pause) I use METATRADER'S own indicators to perform a scan on the whole EOD ASX listed securities (pause), which filters out stocks that do not pass certain...
  8. S

    MetaStock 12 vs. Amibroker

    Hi, I'm interested to here everyone's opinion in regards to charting software, in particular Metastock 12 and Ambibroker. I am looking at short to medium term trading and will be using EOD data to test my systems. I am interested to here the pros and cons of both software packages. Which...
  9. Steve C

    NinjaTrader - Free EOD Data Question

    Hi All, I have downloaded NinjaTrader after seeing it recommended here many times (and because it is free!) One question I have is with the Free EOD Data (Using Yahoo at the moment). I have noticed that the EOD data only becomes available in the program at 12:00PM the following day. For...