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  1. Tosslem

    EOD stock market data (for markets not covered by Norgate)

    When trading in the US or ASX market, Norgate Data is usually the first to be recommended and good choice. But which data provider do you use for ohter markets? For example Singapore, Germany, UK, Canada, etc.? (for use with Amibroker)
  2. sharks

    EOD ASX Data service for Metastock

    Hi I have just finished the first year data subscription I received with Oracle Traders when I bought Metastock from them they want $350 for the renewal just wondering what other data services provide good data for the ASX as an EOD service that people can reccomend.
  3. C

    Incomplete EOD data - Does it matter?

    Richard Dale from Premium Data recently gave a response to my enquires about Chi-X data availability for End Of Day data. He asked the question does it matter? A thread for peoples view on that question.
  4. Gringotts Bank

    Last Friday's ASX EOD data

    Anyone got Friday's ASX data please? My broker has the 18th and 19th as identical files.
  5. A

    Converting Metastock EOD data to MT4 history files for MT4 charting

    Thought I'd follow up on my last thread with a similar one, which involves charting Metastock EOD data in MT4. So basically what you do is say you subscribe to an EOD data provider such as dataHQ or Premium Data etc. Once your Metastock data is downloaded/updated, you run my perl script from...
  6. C

    Japan - end of day data

    Hi, With Japan being home to the 3rd largest exchange in the world (and close to my time zone), I'm thinking that this will provide greater opportunities than the ASX. I can't seem to find any EOD for Japan. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  7. S

    MetaStock 12 vs. Amibroker

    Hi, I'm interested to here everyone's opinion in regards to charting software, in particular Metastock 12 and Ambibroker. I am looking at short to medium term trading and will be using EOD data to test my systems. I am interested to here the pros and cons of both software packages. Which...
  8. Z

    What free TA software can import ascii (.txt) historical data and EOD (.txt)?

    Hi, I am playing the ASX stock market game. And in the process of learning. I have used several TA software programs these inc Amibroker (trial) Ninja Trader Wealth Lab the problem I am facing is getting accurate data into any program. Yahoo is hit/miss at best. example TOL.AX data...
  9. P

    URL script for downloading EOD data from NASDAQ

    Hi All, Here is the URL script for downloading EOD data from Google Finance for AAPL from 3Sep12 to 19Sep12.,v,o,h,l,c&output=csv Is there a similar script for NASDAQ ? Thanks in advance.
  10. S

    Metastock EOD Data?

    Hey guys, Chasing some EOD History Data for Metastock. I have a Commsec Acc but they do not supply history unless i download them all. Any suggestions?
  11. A

    Anyone using Cooltrader/Netquotes EOD Data?

    Folks, I need an reliable EOD Data service. I can import/filter data ok myself but I do need a reliable service. Is anyone here using Cooltrader or Netquotes for a period of time that can recommend their service, or otherwise? Cooltrader's website is fairly basic (nothing wrong with that...
  12. Beneteau

    Can IB real time data be used as EOD data with Metastock?

    Hi Steve, i have been trying to get some answers from Metastock about this one but am not having much luck getting a straight answer. Basically what i am trying to do is run IB TWS alongside Metastock (EOD version, not real time). What id like to know is if the real time data supplied form you...
  13. 2BAD4U EOD Data

    I have been using for a couple of months for EOD Data but there has been none for the last 2 trading days (today and Friday). Is this a regular thing? I know it's a free service so I am getting what I "pay" for, but if this is a regular thing then I might have to start paying for...
  14. coyotte

    Metastock - setting up ASX EOD data

    How do I set up asx data (EOD) in metastock? Have a disk with 14yrs data. Manual says to use downloader. But how do I set-up the initial directory? HELP!
  15. M

    Getting EOD data into Amibroker (

    Hi all, What is the best way of getting EOD data into amibroker? I have tried to download metastock data from but I only seem to get csv data, not metastock, and amibroker complains that the data has $0 for some close prices. I have selected metastock from this...