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enterprise value

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    Question on Enterprise Value

    Hey so I reading something and I always see the word "value" get used. Value in the context of a business means what its worth. But one thing confuses me, when I go on enterprise value look at the definition it says "Enterprise Value, or EV for short, is a measure of a company's total value". So...
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    Enterprise Value

    EV = Market Cap + Total Debt - Cash. I was wondering why Accounts Recievable and Accounts Payable aren't included (apart from accounting reasons)? EG. If your EV is $100m, but your Accounts Recievable - Accounts Payable is $101m, that means your future incoming cash flow (if the business is...
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    Enterprise Value question

    Hi all. If you have Enterprise value / shares outstanding. What would this tell me? Is this calculation even useful? Many thanks