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  1. basilio

    Rethinking employability

    Just watched an exceptional program on ABC on people with disabilities. It's Employable Me Australia. First episode looks at a young girl with Tourette Syndrome and two men with Autism. After watching it to the end I thought it had much to offer in terms of rethinking employability. Thoughts ...
  2. basilio

    Path to employment?

    I'm not sure if many people have seen this policy program by the Turnball government. Short story is that they want to encourage small businesses to take on young people as 12 week internees. They will give the young employed an extra $100 pw to work full time (and reduce their unemployment...
  3. pixel

    Australian Employment Stats

    Every month, the ABS publishes Employment data with various trend, change, and other related information. I could not find an ASF topic dedicated to discuss those figures in a broader economic context. If anyone is interested, please join in. Today's data for the month of March can be found at...
  4. M

    Seeking employment in Singapore

    Hi Our daughter and family moved to Singapore last year as she obtained an excellent job there. However her husband, who is on a Dependent Pass [and therefore eligible for long term employment] is struggling to find work. This post is a "long shot" in case anyone on ASF lives in...
  5. E

    Trading Academy with Prospective Employment?

    I'm wondering if there is any trading academy with prospective employment beside Aliom trading academy which is ran by Aliom Capital. However I recently heard numerous negative feedbacks regarding to Aliom Capital. I'm now looking for the other fund managing firms which also runs a trading...
  6. S

    Employment as a trader, investor - Where to start?

    Hi I've sure I've banged on about this a while ago but thought I'd ask again albeit in more detail. I am a 30 year old Chemistry major who has just started his degree. I work for a large telco as a diagnostic technician for ADSL broadband services and my mate and I have just bought a...
  7. M

    10 point employment standards and unemployment

    While less confusing there will be a significant impact on unemployment levels in the next few years. High levels of debt, uncertainty over the mining boom and employers ducking for cover over the added costs of employing people. Top it off soon with unfair dismissal laws. I don’t think the...