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email scams

  1. P

    Email sextortion scam

    Have not posted here for a while, but thought i would post this up, i dont think this has anything to do with ASF, but when i signed up a few years back i was using the password mentioned in the email (see below) used it on a few other forums/sites and some of them dont exist anymore, so odds on...
  2. pixel

    Email scams, and how to detect them

    Just while I wrote a reply post on the subject, an email hit my inbox. If anybody is interested, let's analyse it and see if we can find some clues that should trigger our BS-Detectors. Can you find more than these triggers? I don't know this guy. Never heard of him. He mails from an anonymous...
  3. Julia

    Email scams

    Here are some scame being perpetrated in the name of the ATO.