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  1. S

    Email alerts in Amibroker

    Hi all, Getting bizzare results from alertif in Amibroker... Using this code: (my concern is with the Alertif a the bottom) buyif = bollidown AND minprice AND turnover AND notMonthbuy //AND avgvol ; sellif = bolliup...
  2. Joe Blow

    Problem with email alerts

    Hi folks, I just wanted to let you all know that since Sunday morning there has been a problem with some email alerts for watched threads reaching ASF members' inboxes. Early Sunday morning one of ASF's email addresses was compromised by a scumbag hacker who proceeded to blast out his erectile...
  3. S

    Rules based email alerts

    Is there any products/brokers that offer custom rules to send email alerts of the following nature: Say stock/etf “ABC” at any time of market trading day when: (MACD divergence is 0.005 and RSI is > 55) OR SMA(100) >= 10.68 then send email? It would be good if we can add a large number of...
  4. D

    MACD alerts via email or SMS

    I would like to get alerts to my phone of MACD crossovers. I know several services offer price, volume or news alerts, but can't seem to find anyone offering this type of alert. I only trade CFD's on the Aussie 200, and so that's all I want to be alerted to. Does anyone know of a service...