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  1. R

    Amibroker code for EMA? (or convert formula from Metastock to Amibroker?)

    Does anyone know the full AFL code to create a custom EMA? Alternatively, if somone could help me convert the following Metastock formula, it would be most appreciated! Pds:= 200; Rate:=2 / (Pds+1); M:=If(Cum(1)=1, C, PREV*(1-Rate) + C*Rate ); ValueWhen(1,Cum(1)>=Pds,M);
  2. cudderbean

    Which daily EMA is closest to the 5 week EMA?

    I like to use the 5 EMA of the WEEKLY closing data as part of my filtering system see if it is moving up or down? I can calculate this in Excel.. but it’s just a bit fiddly to incorporate with daily data. I’d like to keep my spreadsheet simpler. Would anyone know which daily EMA is...
  3. shyguy

    EMA question

    Does the ema from yesterday change depending on future prices? Or does it move with the prices of tomorrow? Hope thats clear?
  4. M

    VMY - Vimy Resources

    The 50% premiun on the EMA float looked encouraging (as a shareholder), but it looks like this is only the beginning. Stock continues to run. Any thoughts?