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  1. C

    Anyone want some free Elliott Wave analysis on Stocks? Daily TF and above?

    Hi guy's. I'm currently trading forex. But when it comes to Elliott wave analysis, a chart is a chart, it makes no difference what the market is. I'd like to give anyone who is interested a free count with suggestion's on Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels. Who's keen? Craig.
  2. doctorj

    Friends don't let friends ride the Elliott Wave or why Technical Analysis costs you $

    The link below is to a research paper about individual traders and technical analysis. I don't necessarily agree with the logic, but they claim that technical analysis costs investors on average approximately 50 basis points per month in raw returns from poor portfolio selection decisions, and...
  3. tech/a

    Practical use of Elliott Wave analysis

    Ive often said I only use Elliot as a guide to where a trade I'm taking is in the life of a move in an instrument. Ive found it particularly helpful at MAJOR turning points when I can see many of the stocks making up an index displaying very similar counts. Some have shown an interest in...
  4. OzWaveGuy

    Elliott Wave and the XAO

    I thought I'd create a specific thread for discussion of EW and the XAO.... Since the 21st Nov 08, each of the larger legs on the XAO has been moving in 3 wave patterns - corrective waves. The most recent leg up (wave C), shows a triangle (wave 'b' circle) for the intervening correction...
  5. D

    Elliott Wave Software?

    There are a few products which perform automatic Elliott Wave analysis: Advanced Get, Elwave, Alphomega Elliott Wave for metastock, Profit Source (Hubb) and others... Has anyone found any of them useful or a waste? Is it better to draw the waves by hand? thx in advance
  6. M

    Elliott Wave - XAO starting wave C?

    Any other elliot wavists out there? Is the all ords currently on wave B and about to start wave C?
  7. M

    Impressions from Elliott Wave revisionist Glenn Neely's seminar

    Wavepicker and I attended a promotional seminar with Glenn Neely last night in Melbourne, so I thought I’d post up my impressions. While the purpose of such promotional events is to sell services, we still thought it would be interesting to see Neely in the flesh and see what he had to say...
  8. tech/a

    The Elliott Wave Analysis Thread

    On a few threads people have shown an interest in explaining and learning the basics of Elliott Wave Analysis. I dont profess to be an expert in E/W. I do have a practical knowledge,but am hopeful that those above my knowledge of experise will also contribute to the community. personally I...