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elliott wave analysis

  1. C

    Anyone want some free Elliott Wave analysis on Stocks? Daily TF and above?

    Hi guy's. I'm currently trading forex. But when it comes to Elliott wave analysis, a chart is a chart, it makes no difference what the market is. I'd like to give anyone who is interested a free count with suggestion's on Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels. Who's keen? Craig.
  2. tech/a

    Practical use of Elliott Wave analysis

    Ive often said I only use Elliot as a guide to where a trade I'm taking is in the life of a move in an instrument. Ive found it particularly helpful at MAJOR turning points when I can see many of the stocks making up an index displaying very similar counts. Some have shown an interest in...
  3. OzWaveGuy

    Elliott Wave and the XAO

    I thought I'd create a specific thread for discussion of EW and the XAO.... Since the 21st Nov 08, each of the larger legs on the XAO has been moving in 3 wave patterns - corrective waves. The most recent leg up (wave C), shows a triangle (wave 'b' circle) for the intervening correction...