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  1. Student of Gann

    Dodo electricity and gas bill query

    Could someone please assist me with a bill query . my friend has a direct debit arrangement in place with dodo in which her credit card is automatically deducted . 120.00 monthly installment for electricity and 60.00 deduction for gas for a total combined amount of 180.00 per month . And to her...
  2. Student of Gann

    Dodo electricity

    hi my friend has a dodo combined electricity and gas account with auto direct debit every month . in the billing section it quotes 32.76 which looks like the upcoming bill and then below it displays electricity minus 115.74 which I assume may be the amount she is in credit . any advice appreciated
  3. System

    GNE - Genesis Energy

    Genesis Energy is a diversified energy company, operating in the New Zealand electricity industry, which sells electricity, natural gas and LPG through their Customer Experience business. The Company generates electricity, and trades electricity and natural gas, through their Energy Management...
  4. sydboy007

    Where did all the electricity demand go??

    Electricity consumption in the National Electricity Market (NEM) states has decreased for the fourth consecutive year. In 2012, electricity demand in the NEM decreased 2.5 per cent (4,818 GWh), when compared to 2011 consumption, which represents the largest annual reduction since this trend...
  5. awg

    Electricity Brokers

    As we all know electricity prices have risen dramatically. I just recieved a call from an "Electricity broker" who advised me he can save me 15% on my current bills for both home and business. This sounded very good, and of course he wanted to close the deal straight away. However, I...
  6. ghotib

    Electricity: price and reliability of supply

    Many people are concerned that pricing carbon will necessarily increase the price of electricity. Others say that the cost of additional and replacement infrastructure will have a much bigger impact. Here's another take on the whole subject...