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electric car

  1. S

    Electric vehicle SPAC deals

    Just came across these two SPAC deals to be taking place sometime in first half 2021. The lucid company looks like a potential competitor in the EV scene.
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Electric cars? for Aspies, Narcissists and Power Grid people

    Sometimes there is a niche interest or problem that needs its own space. Therein lie many truths which the majority of people not only cannot understand but about which they have absolutely no interest. Power in all its manifestations is important. Particularly electrical power. It's economics...
  3. T

    Electric cars?

    Hi All, Interested to know what peoples opinions of electric cars are. I personally would prefer an electric car, but not for environmental reasons. I think the cheaper refueling and possible higher power-to-weight ratios would be a big plus. I also think that it might be a car I would have...
  4. bowman

    4kg of lithium in every Nissan electric car battery!

    If electric cars have a viable future (looking likely), and if lithium-ion batteries are the preferred storage medium, then the implications for the demand for lithium are mind boggling.,28124,25988827-15023,00.html...