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  1. H

    How do you guys keep your 'Ego' in check?

    Hi, Bit of a background, started studying options and futures mid 2014, started with a small account of 8K. Actually trading, as opposed to pure 'theory' or 'paper trading', got me really engaged and accelerated my learning. I was trading 1 lots, and by years end, I was down 2K (3K of it was...
  2. MRC & Co

    Internet ego? Time for transparency!

    Well, it is about time I did this. I talk to quiet a few traders around the country and currently do this job for a living. I see a lot of internet egos and probably, false information being touted, so thought I would put it all out there and hopefully some others follow on. I plan to go...
  3. krisbarry

    EGO - Empire Oil & Gas

    EGO – Empire Oil HI All, EGO...Would appear to be a great stock to invest in after recent company announcements finding Significant & Encouraging Petroleum Geochemical Results. The Share price doubled from 0.6 cents to 1.2 cents. With the price of crude oil reaching record highs of...