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  1. K

    Freedom Trader

    Hi, Anyone been to freedom trader seminars? If so is it worth the time? freedom trader web page: Youtube videos: free seminar:
  2. Seeking Truth

    Options Trading/Covered Call Education - Recommendations?

    I'm sure this has been posted many times before but I cant seemd to find the threads. I'd like to get some quality education and would love to hear from others who are in the game as to where they would go to get this. I'm looking to learn good capital protected / risk managed stratergies. As a...
  3. Stock Jock

    Education in W.D. Gann's Trading Methods

    Has anyone taken the Gann training from Chicago Day Trading. Please let me know your experience with this training and how it helped your trading. Would you recommend this or any other source of learning how to trade like W.D. Gann?
  4. System

    RCL - ReadCloud Limited

    ReadCloud is an Australian education technology company that provides a leading digital eLearning solution to Australian secondary schools. Students and teachers can share notes, questions, videos and weblinks directly inside the eBooks, turning the eBook into a place for discussion...
  5. B

    Young, Naive with Questions

    blaz3dafunk1 posts. 01/08/1619:04:15Post #: 18419620 Evening Lads Straight out I'm a complete newbie. (YES ONE OF THOSE POSTS AGAIN) I'm Not a rookie in terms of not knowing what a GLSO is or a CFD or MACD or anything in that light. I've been very thorough with my research these past months...
  6. H

    Why is Australian education sector so successful?

    The Australian education sector is Australia's second largest export after mining. I can understand the success of mining. Australia is the lucky country blessed with lots of natural resources. However, why is education services so successful? This is something other developed countries can do...
  7. M

    Need help! Deciding what to study to become a trader!

    Hey guys, I’m a university student, studying Finance. I’ve decided that I want to become a trader, not sure about which type (stocks/commodities/forex etc). BEFORE, someone makes a smart comment about “Trading can only be learnt by trading or on-the-job” or “Just open an account and...
  8. basilio

    Good internet education sites

    Don't think there was already such a thread so I thought I might kick it off. Apart from 3 million cat pictures, fail compilations, hollywood gossip, sport and .. (and other entertainment) there actually are some great sites that can be invaluable sources of information and knowledge. For...
  9. E

    Any FX newbies here need some help?

    Hi All, If you are new to FX trading or would like to find out more about it, please keep reading :) I've been trading FOREX for 3 years and have became a consistently successful trader over the past 6 months. I have a couple of friends that worked for FX brokers in the past and as a...
  10. P

    What are the best options trading courses?

    Hi, I have a newbie question, and the forum search here seems terrible - it won't let me search for this. I assume it has been answered before though. What is the best options trading education course available (preferably in Melbourne) ? I don't know where else to ask or look for the...
  11. A

    Investing for children's education

    I assume the best way to invest for my children is to start up an account in their name - meaning that there will be no tax as would be the case if set up in my name? Out of curiousity, what's to stop people claiming that they are doing this when in fact they intend to use the money for their...
  12. S

    Trading Education in Mackay QLD

    Hey guys, I have recently found some spare time on my hands and would like to learn about Trading etc. Are there any members from Mackay QLD that would be willing to do a bit of 1-on-1 'Training' with me? If so, please PM me! :)
  13. dutchie

    Chaos in Australian Education

    Australian school children are well behind a host of other countries when it comes to reading, mathematics and science, according to a new report. The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study has revealed that a quarter of Australia's year 4 students failed to meet the minimum...
  14. Glen48


    I was read about education and I don't know about ewe's but my worst 3 yr at skool were trying to pass grade 1 English. I wonder how make could pass a school exam now how much we have been taught and how much forgotten, is an education worth the time and money. The article I read suggest...
  15. basilio

    What makes for a quality education system?

    I was speaking to friend yesterday who just completed an education MA. As part of her work she researched the Finnish education system. Turns out students from Finland are literally the best in the world ! There is ane xcllent summary on how Finland has achieved these results. What do you...
  16. A

    Finance Education

    Hi, i'm just about to finish my final two exams this week in my accounting/finance double major. i have got a job lined up beginning in January next year at a accounting firm. this semester i've basically done my whole finance section of the major and getting really interested in it. but i...
  17. M

    Optimal Self Education Strategies

    Hi all, im currently new to the forum, but have started learning about investing/trading for the past month or so (read a few books dabbled around on various broker sites and started trading on commsec). I have spent the last few years, working for myself, and have decided to venture off...

    Short Selling - Education

    What is Short Selling? Short selling is one of the easiest ways to profit from a falling share price. The profit/loss moves dollar-for-dollar with movements in the share price. As you are aware an investor is able to buy a stock and make a profit when the share price rises in value...
  19. ak98

    Video education - finance

    Books on finance can be a little dry. Advancement of your education can now be achieved via use of downloadable lectures, seminars etc. I thought I'd start a thread for links to these resources. To kick things off something to peak your interest. Keynsian and Austrian theories as...
  20. prawn_86

    A chance to vent... financial education

    Ok, first up i've never blogged before and never thought i would... but hey. One thing that constantly frustrates me is the lack of good financial education in Australia. Here we are in the middle of a boom (bears may differ lately) and yet the government is doing nothing to educate people on...