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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    Lean left on economy, Lean right on culture = winning formula

    I just saw this on Twitter. It seems like a sensible way forward in the Pandemic. From this chap. gg
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Social Problems will affect The Economy post Coronavirus

    As William Beveridge the great economist once noted. “Want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness” were five social problems associated with poor economic outcomes. gg
  3. rederob

    COVID-19: How Not To Kill an Economy

    First, the health message to COVID-19 should have been encapsulated in really simple rules; Become fanatical about hand cleanliness Do not touch your face with your hands if they have not been sanitisied/washed Wearing a mask when out in public helps Social distancing reduces risk. Combined...
  4. basilio

    Wage theft: How should it affect the economy?

    Another big story coming out today on a class action by 8000 employees from the Hemmes pub/restaurant empire. Long story short. Jonathan Hemmes has made out like a bandit with his enterprises but has been systematically underpaying staff to the tune of, allegedly, $120million. So a few...
  5. H

    How will Australian economy adjust to a more service-oriented China?

    Australia was a beneficiary when China was a manufacturing powerhouse gobbling up the world's commodities. Now, China is transforming itself to be more service-oriented instead of manufacturing-oriented, more consumption-based and less investment-driven. This means China will buy less...
  6. M

    Are unions and the housing market trashing the economy?

    Unions are creating perverse incentives for individuals to go into low value added jobs which create no others jobs in the economy and are directly contrary to developing a modern economy. Tradesmen generally earn more than engineers and innovators. Why is that ? Is it a good thing or a bad...
  7. Tyler Durden

    The state of the economy at the street level

    I don't catch taxis often, but when I do, I like to have a chat with the driver and get his/her views on the state of the economy. It can be quite an interesting chat. I also like to walk a lot, and perhaps it's due to my 'bear-ish' nature, but I have noticed a lot of shops closing down on...
  8. tech/a

    Diluting Currency by printing Money - Damaging Australian Economy

    Continued US money printing which dilutes its value and hence its debt is the aim of the US FED. But Australia bears a brunt with a high AUD and diminishing export market. Foreign goods look even more inviting. China --- linked to the USD becomes even more attractive as the US keeps...
  9. Tyler Durden

    What is good for the individual is not good for the economy?

    I remember talking to a very smart friend of mine (who worked in finance) and I said something about trying to save every spare dollar I had instead of wasting it on needless material things. He smirked and said "if everyone did that they would send us into a recession". It made me think -...
  10. OzWaveGuy

    What is a Green Economy?

    Does anyone understand what a green econmy is? Or how we get there? And what the benefits should be? Whilst I haven't read all of this document, this gives a view to a green economy. There's a summary of points in the first part of the doc and the intention is to make these points a topic for...
  11. Naked shorts

    Spending the surplus to keep economy afloat Westpac going to go bankrupt Bill?
  12. Julia

    New Zealand economy

    I've noticed you are from Whangarei, Ducati. Over the last few months I've read several comments about the NZ economy being somewhat in the doldrums. Asked a couple of friends there (who take little interest in such stuff) but they have said there is no drop off in real estate, at least in...