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  1. So_Cynical

    Videos - Economics, Finance, Stock Picking and Analysis

    A Thread where all ASF contributors can post finance, economics and stock related videos. I watch a few every week and figured it would be a good idea to have a thread where we could collect the best of them, build a resource. I'll kick this of with a great video by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater...
  2. Rypieee

    Fundamental vs. Technical vs. Economics

    Hello readers, Before I even begin my thread, I would just like to also mention that I have no experience in trading and that I only educate myself on the various theories behind analysis by traders and the happenings of our economies and those that surround/affect us. I am just a customer...
  3. L

    How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

    Those of you who have studied economics know that it’s not the most exciting topic and one that is often ignored for its value in making money from the market. More often than not new traders to the game think it’s easier to create a system based on technical analysis. Coming up with a set of...
  4. D

    Year 11 Economics assignment suggestions wanted

    Hi all, My son has an upcoming assignment in Eco which is basically to compare and contrast two blue chip companies in the same sector: explain the industry, analyse the recent share price action based on fundamentals and evaluate which of the two would be better to add to a long-term...
  5. MrBurns

    Ross Garnaut's economic view
  6. jono1887

    Is the general investment and economics forum new?

    I just noticed this forum.... when was opened? :confused:
  7. S

    The Economic Clock

    Just wondering about people's views about The Economic Clock (see attachment). Do you think it accurately represents the various stages of the boom/bust cycle of capitalism? If so, where are we on the clock and can we expect things to be the same this time? Is it all really this...
  8. H

    Haunting's economics blog

    ...a dinner withChinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan We will be hearing a lot more from Wang now that he has been introduced. Between him and Paulson and all the deals that had been announced that worth tens of billion, what is not clearly reported is this - many are taking the view that...