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  1. darkhorse70

    Anyone making money off eBay?

    Any one here who makes money selling merchandise off ebay. My cousin thinks its very possible and he wants to get some income from selling stuff off ebay. Is it possible to make a couple hundred dollars a week with a small initial capital without putting a great deal of effort in (maybe 1-2...
  2. awg

    Cheap eBay chainsaws

    Has anyone bought, or have experience, or opinion, on those $100 chainsaws that are flooding Ebay ? They are Chinese made of course, 100,000+ sold though this is the sort of thing I suspect they...
  3. MrBurns


    Think I just paid over the odds for Office 2007 Professional with 3 PC license - $450 I can already see cheaper stuff on there, be happy to hear from anyone who can tell me I did ok or just regale us with your Ebay stories. I don't like to use Pay Pal for one thing so l aways ask if...
  4. njc.corp

    Why don't eBay charge GST?

    I have always wanted to know why ebay is not gst registered? it might be silly ? but i have never understood it- why they don't charge gst Anyone have a idea? Thanks Nick--
  5. pan

    eBay item not received

    Hello i brought an item off ebay and was wondering whether anyone knew the best way to get your money back off the seller. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  6. T


    Not Share related- but definetly General Chat related Has anyone had any experiences with E-Bay..Positive or Negative? I've been speaking with a friend who sells all kind of stuff there as a secondary income and several people have started thier businesses there? Any thoughts or ideas?