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  1. S

    XAO Earnings Data

    Hi, I am relatively new to investing. I saw a chart of the price of the S&P500 plotted against company earnings. The chart was interesting to show the divergence from earnings. I was wondering where I would find similar earnings data for the XAO? Cheers, Sarky
  2. jbocker

    Perpetual earnings from nothing

    This is an OLD game I played with stocks where I would get a trickle of income from stocks for as long as they continued to pay dividends. It was a strategy I used to trickle money into a mortgage to help pay it down. I would buy a dividend paying stock with the little money I had. When the...
  3. RickSanchez

    Positive Earnings but Net Loss?

    Hi, can someone help me understand this: -- The fintech's announcement comes as Afterpay announced its FY18 results, displaying a FY18 earnings figure of $33.8 million, and revenue of $142.3 million, up 390 per cent on FY17. Afterpay recorded a full year net loss after tax of $9 million, an...
  4. R

    Problem with calculating price to earning ratio?

    Hey there guys I have a problem getting the Price to earning ratio, if you google a company for example Facebook it shows the p/e ratio is 62. but when I did the manual calculation which is stock current price / eps I get the wrong number. So I did 128.99 (stocks current price) / 1.24(EPS)...
  5. S

    Quarterly Earnings Estimates Releases

    Hi all! First time posting!! Quick question: Approximately how long before the actual quarterly earnings are published are the earnings estimates consensus for the period released? Thankyou! :)
  6. H

    Earnings Play (U.S. Market) - Anyone Playing?

    It's that time of year - earnings releases! U.S companies will be announcing their Q1 results over next few days/weeks. Anyone else play these? I play them because they are fun - they are definitely higher variance plays. Last days to enter earnings play for some companies listed below -...
  7. A

    Am I dreaming?

    Was just wondering if its possible to increase your portfolio by 50% or more per month. For example start of with $5000 than this time next year it's $45000+ and then the year after its $300,000+. Or am I just dreaming way to hard????? haha any opinions great thanks
  8. J

    Share Price to Earnings Chart for ASX Companies

    Hey everyone, First post/ question. Just wondering if there is anywhere online to get a chart for a specific company comparing their Share price to Earnings over the last say 10 years. Thanks
  9. D

    Website with Q/Q earnings and sales growth % for US stocks

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable website where I can find the last 2 or 3 quarters of Quarter over Quarter earnings and sales growth percentages for US stocks. I know IBD gives an EPS rating and last quarter only, and Marketsmith offers this for $1000.00, but does anyone know of a free...
  10. J

    Disappointing Blue Chip Earnings Reports Send Wall Street Lower

    21-Jan: The US market ended the week with heavy losses, as both GE and Citigroup failed to meet investor expectations in their latest earnings reports. Despite an increase in sales, Motorola was also unable to satisfy investors after producing a reduced profit outlook. A sharp rise in...