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  1. Roller_1

    Trading short term over earnings releases

    Hi guys i was wondering everyone's point of view about holding positions over earnings releases, when trading a short term discretionary system. Do you hold the position or find it too risky and sell in the lead up?
  2. T

    Huge spike in volume before AWP earnings release

    I was exploring if one was able find any tell tale signs before an earnings release. I came across AWP which were going to release their report on Aug 11th @ 4.30pm When I looked at...
  3. J

    Disappointing Blue Chip Earnings Reports Send Wall Street Lower

    21-Jan: The US market ended the week with heavy losses, as both GE and Citigroup failed to meet investor expectations in their latest earnings reports. Despite an increase in sales, Motorola was also unable to satisfy investors after producing a reduced profit outlook. A sharp rise in...