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  1. Iggy_Pop

    Triggers for changing draw down in Superannuation

    I am retired and mainly using an industry fund to fund a self funded retirement. My superannuation is set up in mainly balanced with a portion in bonds. I normally draw down on the balanced account. The plan was during recessions/slowdowns to swap to the bonds account for draw down until things...
  2. L

    Drawdown Monte Carlo Increase over time PROBLEM

    Hi Traders after extensive testing using Monte Carlo mathematically correct for Drawdown analysis I see only bad news. Using random selection with replacement to create 200 trades long series of cumulative return (More than 10 000 of them) and from this extracting the distribution for...
  3. E

    Margin loan for emergencies -- a noob question

    Hello; I've been investing for a few years but I've never explored margin loans. I'm wondering if it's possible/sensible to use a margin loan facility just for emergencies? eg say I need dental or surgery work done that exceeds my emergency funds and rather than sell my shares could I...