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  1. M

    Trading the ASX 200 index following movement in the DOW

    Hi, I'm new here and looking for advice on a strategy which seems kind of obvious, so I'm looking for the catch. I used to trade Forex so I'm used to fast trades. Since pronounced movements in the Dow Jones index are usually followed by similar movements on ASX200 what is wrong with entering the...
  2. P

    Dogs of the Dow anyone?

    Anyone out there follow this strategy? For the uninitiated, it's basically picking the 10 highest yielding stocks at the start of each year in the hope that the gains and yields will beat out the index most years. History seems to bear this out. So, is this only for the US? Is there an...
  3. M

    We Are Turning Japanese

    The US Federal Reserve did what it had to do. Low interest rate for the foreseeable future and it also stated the obvious, that inflation is low and that there are downside risks to the economy. The RBA and the Australian Government should take note. The RBA is applying a high interest policy...
  4. Gundini

    Dow Futures

    Cant find a thread on Futures... I notice the DOW futures are up tonight, after a dismal last week. What does this mean? Are they gearing up for Obama's stimulation package? Short term bull I am thinking! :cool:
  5. H

    Live Dow Futures data?

    Can someone please tell me if there are any sites out there with "live" dow futures data?
  6. GreatPig

    DOW - Downer EDI

    One way to correct back to the longer-term trend :eek: Fortunately I don't hold. Cheers, GP
  7. Smurf1976

    Dow at 2075! (not seriously)

    Take a look at They are showing the Dow at 2075 and the Nasdaq at 182!!!! (Scroll about halfway down the page and look on the right hand side). Obviously it's a typo (I hope) but I guess that we could say that the ASX "outperformed the international markets" since...