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  1. jmbonni

    DJIA next day forecast

    Hello everybody. Here you will find the forecasts review for the next trading day of the Dow Jones.
  2. darkhorse70

    Huge spike in Dow Jones volume

    Just had a look at my charts. To my suprise I saw a huge spike in the dowi volune of 7B . Usually its around 400/500M. None of the other major US indexes had anythjng of that caliber. My question was a) is this because maybe more of the earnings to date were relavent to the dowi or b) is there...
  3. dj_420

    Dow Jones technical analysis

    I couldn't find a DOW analysis thread so I thought I would start one. At least then there is XAO and DOW analysis threads. Anyway interesting that on the DOW charts the previous correction was still trending inside the same trading channel and found support right at the bottom of the channel...
  4. bigdog

    NYSE Dow Jones finished today at:

    The NYSE and NYSE Arca are Closed on Monday, January 15 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  5. DB008

    Dow Jones hits 12407.63......

    Just wanting to know what everyone thinks about the Dow Jones hitting new highs. ASX is also going through the roof. How much longer can it go on for? In the past month, Dow has been going nuts. My question to everyone is, "Pull back coming or not"???? Any predictions where it's going to end...
  6. wayneL

    The Dow's Phoney New High

    Yikes! Some excellent analysis regarding the new dow highs. Check it out:
  7. S


    Dow 30 ia all set to go below 10500 as per Elliott Wave Analysis
  8. Smurf1976

    Dow at 2075! (not seriously)

    Take a look at They are showing the Dow at 2075 and the Nasdaq at 182!!!! (Scroll about halfway down the page and look on the right hand side). Obviously it's a typo (I hope) but I guess that we could say that the ASX "outperformed the international markets" since...

    MAD DOW DISEASE? Dow Jones looking ahead .....

    MAD DOW DISEASE ? Dow Jones looking ahead ..... OUTLOOK ON DOW JONES .............. THE first chart here shows how the long term Dow Jones is moving towards the major resistance line that kinda looks like a double top right now... The question going through my mind is can the Dow...
  10. S

    Dow Jones Chart

    Anyone care to air their views on the current state of the Dow Jones Industrials from a T/A perspective? It looks to me like there is some support at around 10,400. Could get a bit sketchy if it falls through that level on heavy volume though. Is the boogie man of further US interest rate...
  11. Joe Blow

    Dow Jones/Nasdaq!

    Discuss the U.S. market here! :D