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donald trump

  1. basilio

    Donald Trump - Business and tax stories

    For years Donald Trump has boasted of his International Property Portfolio and business acumen. The reality was 5 Bankrupticies, a string of unpaid creditors and now evidence of years of tax records that show 1) A business empire that was struggling to make real money 2) A financial system...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    President Trump 2020-2024: Economic Implications

    Many may not agree but I believe Trump is a shoe-in to be re-elected President of the USA. I predicted his last victory. He is now running against a disastrous choice by the Democrats as they did last time around. Biden's brain is not up to it. Trump is unlikeable but electable. I predict...
  3. bigdog

    Why Donald Trump's Companies Went Bankrupt

    Details About the 6 Trump Corporate Bankruptcies by Tom Murse Updated February 08, 2019 Donald Trump has portrayed himself as a successful businessman who has amassed a net worth of as much as $10 billion. But he has also led...
  4. bigdog

    IMF Contradicts Trump: China Hasn't Manipulated Its Currency IMF Contradicts Trump: China Hasn't Manipulated Its Currency The International Monetary Fund sees little evidence that China's central bank has deliberately reduced the value of...
  5. Ann

    Mueller and Russiagate

    This Mueller and Russiagate thing may become a long and interesting saga. It probably needs its own thread as the whole story is exposed over time. Nothing like a bit of intrigue to get the juices flowing! :) Investigation Nation: Mueller, Russiagate, and Fake Politics So the Mueller...
  6. bigdog

    Dump Trump Why Wall Street's tumble is bad news for Trump By Damian Paletta and Danielle Paquette 25 October 2018 — 11:09am US stock markets fell sharply Wednesday, erasing all gains for the...
  7. wayneL

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Looking forward to the confirming ripostes from the so deranged :laugh:
  8. noirua

    Latest tweets by The Donald

    President Xi and I will always be friends, no matter what happens with our dispute on trade. China will take down its Trade Barriers because it is the right thing to do. Taxes will become Reciprocal & a deal will be made on Intellectual Property. Great future for both countries! The United...
  9. greggles

    Will Trump's tariffs lead to a global trade war?

    There is talk that Donald Trump's introduction of tariffs last week on steel and aluminium imports to the U.S. could spark a full-blown global trade war that may have dire economic consequences, including a slow drift into recession. It seems as though Trump is willing to sacrifice...
  10. basilio

    Don Burke - Our own Donald Trump

    The last couple of days has seen the destruction of Don Burkes (public) persona as Mister Gardening nice guy. Turns out he is an absolute pig of a man in his relations with women ( in particular.) Apart from his belief that being a star entitles him to say/do anything he wants with any women...
  11. basilio

    Donald Trump withdraws US from Paris CC accord: Where to now?

    Donald Trump has announced the US will withdraw from the Paris CC accord. How do we think this will impact international CC agreements, political relations with every other country and God knows what else ?
  12. H

    How do you feel about President Trump's total disrespect to Australian PM?

    Most bosses will treat their subordinates with more respect. I would certainly expect a world leader like PM Turnbull deserves more respect. Kudos to PM Turnbull for not turning into an angry bull.
  13. tinhat

    Trumponomics and the coming reflation

    Trump in the White House. Republicans in control of the House and Senate. What is the coming reflation of Trumponomics likely to look like? What stimulus is proposed? Income tax cuts for the rich and middle. Corporate tax slashed from 35% to 15% (also designed to repatriate US...
  14. D

    Policy implications of a Clinton/Trump presidency

    "The laws of political life cannot be discovered by an analysis which takes men's words and beliefs, spoken or written at their face value." [The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom by James Burnham] Lets cut through the election Hogwash and look at the likely policy outcomes for each...
  15. basilio

    Where is/can Donald Trump take US (sic)?

    People, the media, other politicians keep talking of Donald Trump as a trainwreck. An ever cascading litany of outrageous statements, policy proposals, firebrand speeches. But perhaps its really a train ride with The Trump firmly sitting up front as the Republican preferred candidate...
  16. CanOz

    Donald Trump - Loud mouthed American Idiot

    Here he is spouting off again....I don't think its good to hate people but i dislike this man an awful lot.:mad: What a knucklehead. CanOz
  17. noirua

    Donald Trump SPEAKS

    "The Time to Buy Out":
  18. A

    Donald Trump Trumped??

    Trump Entertainment Receives Moody's Lowest Rank on Liquidity By Gabrielle Coppola "Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., founded by real-estate developer Donald Trump, and Mexican restaurant chain El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc. are among 13 junk- rated companies that had...
  19. J

    The Donald

    Hey who saw the Donald at the Emmys last night? What was with that hair? It looked shocking! Totally awful. I finally got to see Trump Mrs, I now understand what all you guys are going on about... she is very glam. Wouldn't you love to know what was in his portfolio? :D