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  1. StockyGuy

    DMA CFDs? Is it all above board?

    What scares me most about CFDs is the alleged hunting of stop losses. I gather that should be impossible on DMA CFDs, by definition; but am curious if any of those who use(d) them have had any concerns in this regard. Any other negative experiences with DMA CFDs? (Apart from just making a...
  2. F

    Forex DMA account

    Hey guys Looking to trade forex but i heard about the issues with dodgy forex brokers Wondering if DMA like would help reduce this. I read through the website but what are the pros and cons of going through this method? thanks
  3. S

    Invast DMA CFD

    Has anyone heard of or used them? Looks like they have the lowest HKEX commission in town and TSE DMA CFD is something I've missed since MF Global...
  4. C

    DMA CFDs vs. Market Maker CFDs

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at opening a CFD account. I am currently trying to figure out which is better out of the Direct Market Access CFD's vs the normal CFD model that all the big companies seem to use. Does anyone have any thoughts for me on this and what I should look for in a broker etc?
  5. D

    DMA CFD providers

    Starting to look into CFD's and was wondering which reputable brokers have DMA. Have looked at CMC, IG Markets and MF Global but haven't been able to find it stated anywhere. Also tried a few searches here but nothing has come up. Anyone have a recommendation? Want to trade with a demo...
  6. A

    Best DMA futures broker?

    hi everyone my first post, advice on a good dma futures broker any suggestions i have been looking at halifax investments not sure if they are dma, i know ig markets isnt dma, mf global is dma. cheers
  7. A

    DMA or MM?

    Hi, I am currently with a MM broker and so to reach my take profit limit I will either have to add in the spread (which makes it harder to reach) or reduce my take profit limit. I am considering going to a DMA broker which I think just charge you a fee for entry and exit, is this correct...
  8. G

    DMA vs. Market Made vs. ASX listed CFDs

    Hello, Just doing a bit of research and I would like some feedback please on the following questions. What type of CFD's are Traders trading, DMA, Market Made or the ASX listed CFDs? Why are you trading one type over another? Have you moved from market made to DMA, and why? Thanks.
  9. C

    Is there such a thing called DMA short CFD?

    It's next to impossible to short sell shares on the ASX and short CFD seems to be the perfect solution. The issue is, will I still be able to get real market prices (DMA) if the CFD provider can't really do a real short on the ASX itself?
  10. P

    Sorry - Another DMA thread!

    sorry for another DMA thread however I have read through all the other threads and while I understand the difference with DMA v market maker I am still not clear on what the actual benefits would be of switching to DMA. I am using IG at the moment and have the option of activating DMA but not...
  11. F

    Good DMA CFD provider?

    Anyone know of a good dma cfd provider that provides <2% margin on indices and <5% margin on shares?
  12. SGB

    200 DMA Fib Retracement

    The 200 day moving average or 200DMA is probably the most used moving average indicators used for the longer term position prespective. As shown in the TOLL example along with the Fibonaci retracement tool, a blend of support and resistant points, the 200 DMA can really give a guide to what...
  13. Z

    DMA CFD Broker?

    heya, does anyone know a good dma cfd broker, mostly for aussie stocks? prefer low margin + fee rates. i've looked everywhere and can't seem to find one. cheers
  14. RazzaDazzla

    MFG DMA vs. IG DMA?

    I am tosing up between going with MFG or IG for there DMA to trade CFDs. I am a subscriber to The Chartist and Nick Radge uses and recommends MFG. I have traded a demo account with IG and frankly, their platform craps all over MFGs. Anyone have any experience with IG of MFG to sway me one...
  15. E

    CFD Providers (DMA) for NZ

    Hi, does anyone know of any providers that are available to new zealanders? All the dma cfd providers seem to be aussie ones :( The only cfd provider in nz is CMC and thats a MM, which I'd rather not deal with.
  16. T

    CFD vs. DMA?

    can someone tell me the difference between CFDs and DMA?
  17. S

    Can I trade ASX 200 CFDs with DMA?

    I called both Commsec and Etrade and they said you can't trade the ASX200 direct, is the right? Does anyone offer this? I'm new to CFD's so not sure why this is.
  18. P

    DMA - Dynasty Resources

    Does anyone have a view on this small cap ($8mio) which has just had a bit of run up on the back of announcing a new Chairman (McSweeney) over from Gindalbie Gold.... He has managed to turn Gindalbie into a $300 mio stock in the 2 years that hes been at the helm.