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dma cfds

  1. StockyGuy

    DMA CFDs? Is it all above board?

    What scares me most about CFDs is the alleged hunting of stop losses. I gather that should be impossible on DMA CFDs, by definition; but am curious if any of those who use(d) them have had any concerns in this regard. Any other negative experiences with DMA CFDs? (Apart from just making a...
  2. S

    Invast DMA CFD

    Has anyone heard of or used them? Looks like they have the lowest HKEX commission in town and TSE DMA CFD is something I've missed since MF Global...
  3. C

    DMA CFDs vs. Market Maker CFDs

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at opening a CFD account. I am currently trying to figure out which is better out of the Direct Market Access CFD's vs the normal CFD model that all the big companies seem to use. Does anyone have any thoughts for me on this and what I should look for in a broker etc?