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  1. G

    ASX Index tracking fund that reinvests instead of paying dividends

    Hi All, New here. I have some investments in Vanguard ASX 300 fund (VAS.ASX) which regularly pays out dividends, which I have set to automatically reinvest. But because it pays dividends I have to pay tax on it. I am in a fairly high tax bracket and looking for a fund that does not pay out...
  2. pythagoras

    What is with Businesses that don't pay dividends (besides the obvious)?

    Hi folks, Before i begin, please don't mistake me for being cynical, rather see me as exploring while i learn more about this world of business. The past couple of weeks I have been attempting to find the ins-and-outs of why a business is structured not to pay dividends, but rather lucrative...
  3. X

    Dividend Yield

    If a share has dividend yield at 6% & you have $10k of shares. Does this mean you will get 6% x 10k? Also, What if you sell your share after the ex date will you get the portion of the yield?
  4. L

    When do companies announce Dividend total?

    Hi basic questions here. Just wondering when do companies announce how much dividends they will pay, is it on the ex-dividend date or on the dividend pay date or somewhere else like financial report for that period? Cheers,
  5. G

    Vanguard ETFs for dividends

    Hi all With banks offering around 2%, I have decided to invest savings of 300k in Vanguard ETFs for the short term, 6-8 months, possible longer. (which is when I will look into property if conditions improve) There's too many ETF options so seeking guidance on low risk + dividend option to...
  6. N

    Dividend growth investing

    hello investors I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I’m very interested in the dividend growth investing strategy, investing in companies that consistently raise their dividends year over year. Problem is not many Aussie companies are into raising it year over year. So I’ve turned...
  7. Frankieplus

    Dividend Payments/Tax

    Greetings.. I think I know the answer to this but I'll ask anyway. If I get a dividend payment into my -investment platform- cash account, do they get added to my yearly income and therefore I need to pay tax on them? Or is it a case that these dividends only qualify as income once they...
  8. P

    Question regarding dividends

    Hi Guys/Girls I am still pretty new to the share market and i have a question on dividends. So i brought 40 shares in NAB last year but being very raw i didn't understand what a dividend reinvestment plan was until after the ex dividend date so i ended up with the 40$ (which i will...
  9. W

    Maintain the current dividend imputation system

    I'm sure as an Aussie Stock Forum we are all aware of the Labour party's proposal to alter the current way franking credits may result in a tax refund for individuals and SMSF's. Geoff Wilson from WAM Capital is taking the fight to them with a petition - has been getting a bit of media...
  10. B

    Westpac Dividends

    Today 4th July Westpac was due to pay the interim dividends. Have any of you expert investors received the payment? For some reason the dividend has not appeared in my bank account. I wonder if something went wrong with my bank account or if other investors have the same problem Thanks
  11. jackstew320

    Dividend Growth Stocks?

    What are the good dividend growth stocks heading into coming days?
  12. M

    Dividend payments - quarterly

    Hi fellow investors, Newbie here and hope you guys can help me. Thinking of investing in some shares that pays dividends quarterly rather than every 6 months. Have been googling and looking through the asx sites but none of them gives a chart or table. Is it the only way to find that out...
  13. H

    Convenient ways to find out if a stock has fully franked dividends

    Is there a convenient way to check if a stock has fully franked dividends? Are there some websites to help in this work? It will be a great time-saver. Thanks.
  14. S

    Can someone explain dividends to me?

    Being a new trader I don't understand how dividends are paid. I have taken a screenshot of the FNZ ETF (NZ) fund's historical dividend payments as this is one I have invested in. Can someone please explain the numbers, what they mean and how to calculate possible dividend returns? Also what is...
  15. M

    Retirees Seeking Dividend Growth

    Hi I'm pretty much retired and have a SMSF. Dividends are important to us [as is SP growth if we can get it... ] We have some of the traditional stocks [banks, WES, a couple of LICs etc]. However I am also interested in companies which hopefully are "solid" [not out-there speculative...
  16. R

    International Dividend Investors Living Abroad

    Hi everyone Are there any about that can offer guidance on nomadic banking solutions for international dividend investors? I'll be living abroad next year, off dividends derived from international stocks, but remain an AU resident (at least for the first few years) My plan thus far is to open...
  17. B

    Dividend Stripping

    Wouldn't dividend stripping be very profitable? I know you would need to invest a decent portion of money to make it worth while but i'm failing to see how it could turn bad besides a bit of a price drop during the dividend period which is unlikely to happen isn't it?
  18. A

    Tax on franked dividends...

    Hi All, I have a question about franking credits. I understand that all dividends will count as income and will add to my taxable income by the grossed up dividend amount? and then I will get a tax credit for the franking credits.. right now I am working buts just as an example say in the...
  19. R

    Dividend trading?

    Hey guys so I have a question someone I know said he made from $100 to 15k in one month doing dividend trading, I looked it up and seems like there is no such thing. But later he referred to commodities, I know commodities is very volatile and its a very speculative game as you can not predict...
  20. H

    Are most stocks dividends franked?

    I would like to check with the experienced folks here. Franked dividends stocks mean the investors get paid more dividends due to less tax? Where can one check whether the particularly stock is franked? Are almost all stocks franked? If yes, it is not necessary to have the hassle of whether the...