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  1. X

    Ex-dividend date payment

    I can see for AGL the Ex dividend date was 24 Feb 2021 & Payment Date was 26 Mar 2021. When will they pay the 2nd payment of dividend & will there be a new Ex Dividend Date for the 2nd lot of dividend payment.
  2. X

    Dividend payout calculation

    I have 3260 shares in AGL & their dividend is 0.41 cents. However, I only received $709.60 worth of dividends. I wonder how they calculate it?
  3. D

    Commsec - Dividend Statement Error

    Do not rely on the annual COMMSEC dividend statement for your Tax Return. I was fortunate to notice that one statement for VTS for September 2018 was not on my summary. After a number of calls to Commsec and Computershare, Commsec manually added it into my summary list. I wonder how many other...
  4. rogue1

    Dividend shares - Collect or sell..?

    First n00by thread, here. I hold some dividend paying shares at the moment. Their value is increasing, but as far as I am aware it is common for such shares to increase in value in the lead up to their payout date (Feb/Aug), then plummet immediately after. In light of this, what are some of...
  5. jackstew320

    Dividend Growth Stocks?

    What are the good dividend growth stocks heading into coming days?
  6. B

    Dividend and "less resident withholding tax"

    Today I received a dividend letter. Great... but I was hit with a "less resident withholding tax" which took out just under 50% of the total amount. Is this because I didn't provide my TFN or ABN? If so, will this be tax deductable? Do others fill in the forms for every share you buy...
  7. System

    DIV - UBS IQ Morningstar Australian Dividend Yield ETF

    The UBS IQ Research Preferred Australian Dividend Fund aims to replicate the performance of the UBS Research Preferred Dividend Index before fees and expenses. The Fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF) which is a registered managed investment scheme. Units in the Fund trade on the ASX under the...
  8. P

    TLS dividend...

    I must be missing something here. Lets say I have 1000 shares and the div is 28c. When I receive my div, it's not gonna be 1000 x .28, because the div is paid twice a year, right? So do I get it in 2 instalments, like 1000 x .14 twice a year? So why did I only receive 1000 x .08 ( 8c ) ...
  9. G

    Dividends ignored in Simulation Testing of Trading Systems

    Do the usual methods for Simulation Testing of Trading Systems all ignore the contribution of Dividends recieved during the holding period of a stock? OBSERVATION: I am using BullCharts and TradeSim and as far as I can see: a) The usual methods and software for simulation testing on...
  10. H

    Dividend payout on short position before record date

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me to understand this. I shorted ALL (by CFD) on 1st August 2009 and just closed it today, 2nd September 2009. everything is normal except that there is a cost for "dividend paid". ALL announced the dividend on 25th August 2009. nothing happen to my...
  11. K

    Imputation credits

    Hi Guys, This is my first post so I thought I would make it a good one. Does anybody now how to calculate imputation credits on dividends? I have an excel sheet that calculates unfranked amount, franked amount and total dividend but am not sure of the calculation for imputation credits...
  12. W

    CBA Dividend?

    Hi Guys, I am after some thoughts about what the CBA divideds will be next time? I am guessing $0.91. Any ideas?