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dividend yield

  1. bullhunter

    ASX Share Tables

    Before on, you were able to download the weekly share tables. Now it is only done monthly ( Is there another place where I can get that data for each week? Thanks.
  2. X

    Dividend Yield

    If a share has dividend yield at 6% & you have $10k of shares. Does this mean you will get 6% x 10k? Also, What if you sell your share after the ex date will you get the portion of the yield?
  3. S

    Can someone explain dividends to me?

    Being a new trader I don't understand how dividends are paid. I have taken a screenshot of the FNZ ETF (NZ) fund's historical dividend payments as this is one I have invested in. Can someone please explain the numbers, what they mean and how to calculate possible dividend returns? Also what is...
  4. Smalltimeguy

    Dividend yield separate from regular gain?

    Hi, Still researching what ETF's would be a good investment to start with, I'm starting small (<$10k) so I like the appeal of dividends helping you increase your investment. BetaShare's YMAX ETF distribution yield as 9.2% (is there a difference in gross distribution yield?) It also says it's...
  5. System

    DIV - UBS IQ Morningstar Australian Dividend Yield ETF

    The UBS IQ Research Preferred Australian Dividend Fund aims to replicate the performance of the UBS Research Preferred Dividend Index before fees and expenses. The Fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF) which is a registered managed investment scheme. Units in the Fund trade on the ASX under the...
  6. sydboy007

    Determining dividend yield on shares currently owned

    I've got a couple of shares in my SMSF that have had a stellar run over the last couple of months. They're up between 22.5 and 25% How long do you usually base your yield on the purchase price? I've been thinking to rebalance once a year, but to be honest wasn't expecting to have such high...
  7. F

    Dividend yielding stocks

    I have been trying to find out which stocks offer higher dividend returns. Telstra is one I know of. can anyone point me in the right direction to how I can locate which stocks offer a dividend return.
  8. V

    High dividend yield stocks

    Hi, I'm planning to start a high dividend portfolio. Where can I look for high dividend yield stocks?
  9. T

    Site that quotes historic dividend YIELDS directly?

    Hi. I just wanted to save the time of calculating the yields from the payout and then having to look up the share price on the ex date.