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  1. S

    5 Dividend Stock Ideas For 2019

    Whilst dividend stocks may seem boring in comparison to flashy high-growth tech stocks, weed stocks, non-meat stocks, and etc., it's worth considering having a portfolio percentage allocated to them. Not only do they benefit from the power of compounding, reinvestment, and reinvestment...
  2. rogue1

    Dividend shares - Collect or sell..?

    First n00by thread, here. I hold some dividend paying shares at the moment. Their value is increasing, but as far as I am aware it is common for such shares to increase in value in the lead up to their payout date (Feb/Aug), then plummet immediately after. In light of this, what are some of...
  3. jackstew320

    Dividend Growth Stocks?

    What are the good dividend growth stocks heading into coming days?
  4. F

    Dividend yielding stocks

    I have been trying to find out which stocks offer higher dividend returns. Telstra is one I know of. can anyone point me in the right direction to how I can locate which stocks offer a dividend return.
  5. P

    Which stocks for dividends right now?

    I want to buy some stocks very soon, looking for good yield and some upside growth wise. Are the banks too high at present? Miners? Others? Any advice appreciated. thanks!
  6. T

    Stocks or funds that pay monthly dividends?

    Maybe somebody can help me in finding Stocks or Funds, who are paying monthly Dividends ? I own - and still will invest more in such Stocks and Funds in different Currencies, like Pengrowth Energy Trust PGH:CA PIMCO High Income PHK:US I know about the HHY, who pays quaterly Dividends...